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This all started when I tried to convert a youtube clip to a mp3. I learned a lesson of a lifetime. I was on this site called clip converter cc. I have used this many times on my phone with no problems. Lately the site has been infected with a lot of malware, I caught up too late. I tried to download the mp3 and it installed something to hijack my browser without me knowing.

The virus is Search ABC Launcher. I saw steps to remove it on a computer. The steps to remove it on Android is not working. I have done a "clear data/ factory reset" on my phone two times. Search abc launcher is still there when I use google chrome.

I also tried to switch the search engine to Yahoo. Its still there.

Here is how I know its still there. See attached files. The search suggestions underneath is not normal. It even infiltrated my google play store.

I want to know how to get rid of this damn thing. I recently purchased Spy Hunter4 for my laptop. I haven't seen that on my lap top for 2 days now. Its not on my laptop but my phone . I was thinking if its associated with my google chrome account, it should have gotten to my laptop as well. Please Help !