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Malwarebytes 3.0.6 was released today, and it fixes over a hundred issues, most of which were reported by a lot of users (RTP notifications, program reverting back to 3.0.0, etc.). The full changelog can be seen in the thread below.

It is recommended to fully uninstall Malwarebytes 3.0.5 before installing 3.0.6, and see if that solves your issues (if you were experiencing any).


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CPU & Mem usage seem a lot better, still a bit high.
Scanning for me on a 10 Pro x64 system is noticeably faster.
Going to leave it for a bit and see if things stay this way.
Not bad though, a step in the right direction MalwareBytes ;)

PS: Added custom apps to anti exploit very easily, they are opening very quick
and smooth, hmmm not bad.


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Not going near it. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware will have to progress a lot to win me back.

They should never released v3.XX to the public. It is junk. Full of bugs.

I have 5 lifetime licenses but i can't put up with the terrible detection rates and bugs in the software.
Sorry to hear that, It's doing a lot better for me than it
was a couple months ago. Whats your sys specs ?
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I like MBAM but version 3.0 was a no go for me!
Automatic scanning slowed my laptop to a crawl, so i'll wait until its hungry appetite for resources is fixed.
I'll keep my fingers crossed and my eyes on this thread!
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Just Malwarebytes or the whole computer?
That happened to me on two computers. Was totally helpless.
Must wait quite a while before I try it again.

John Burns

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And many people use it and have problems.
The fact that you don't have problems offers no help.
I agree totally with you jadinolf. I have tried and tried it and always ended up having problems with it - either pc freezing, or MBAE not working, etc. It just keeps coming up short.
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