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@oldschool Based on your positive feedback, my girlfriend is using the strict option of anti-tracking: thanks (y)

She noticed that she been googling for a weekend shopping with her two best friends in Sevilla and when she had found a (cheap) flight and a Little apartment, she informed her friends. So when her friends checked the flight and apartment (booking links) to confirm whether it was okay (location, distance to old-town etc), both (!) her friends got a better deal offered.

When my girlfriend checked after remarks of her friends, she again got a much higher deal (with only a few seats/last option warnings). I stopped her booking it and ask her to let one of her friends book the trip. Indeed they could book it cheaper. I explained her that she had been on the websites often, showing interest. Increasing prices is a well known mechanisms to lure people into buying impulsively.

I explained that this is how interest based advertising and pricing works (that is what I studied :) ), the higher the customer need (shown interest), the higher the price. She said "I don't want that". Then I explained her she had to learn something to lower the effect and I added the short cut below. Now she has learned herself:
1. When a website brakes or does not does what it should do, lower the privacy settings to balanced temporarily
(I have excluded Dutch payment services and our bank, see second picture)
2. Reset balanced to strict again after finishing transaction

Shopping as motivation to educate oneself on privacy, works perfect ;) Until now she has not complained about the hassle (she only had one website which did not activate a coupon) in two weeks time, so it seems a promising approach (educating users)

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Balanced settings was breaking something for me that wasn't even a tracker and not part of Disconnect filters. By that time I barely used the browser for 15 minutes after installation. So maybe they don't just use Disconnect's list but also has some sort of heuristics similar to Privacy Badger! I don't know but if they do then it's pretty immature compared to Privacy Badger or maybe I'm completely wrong and it was just a bug that I experienced.
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Already posted by @oldschool


The mechanism Privacy Badge is using was developed by Microsoft for Internet Explorer. Only IE default was set to 10, while privacy badger applies three (when a tracker follows you on three different websites). My guess is that Microsoft products and Serious Hoax are not a lucky marriage, better to stay away from Microsoft products when good alternatives are available (maybe Microsoft does not like that you also use Linux :) )
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After many tests I made an incredible discovery.

Chrome download protection is not identical to Edge Chromium download protection.

The malware exe is blocked by Edge Chromium download protection:


With Chrome only W.D. can prevent the download:


All the urls I tried had the characteristic:

Google Safe Browsing = clean

AdGuard = Not blocked

The VT detection for the exe in question:

And with this I deserve the vacation.
I leave for Sharm el Sheik very early in the morning.:)
We feel between 8 days.;)
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I think
Edge is set to delete everything after closing the browser but it's not doing that most of the time when I close the browser normally. Only does when I click "Close Microsoft Edge" from the menu. Has anyone faced this bug?
it's not bug as Firefox android also has same action. Firefox android set to delete everything when it is closed from the menu selecting Quit option.


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Edge is set to delete everything after closing the browser but it's not doing that most of the time when I close the browser normally. Only does when I click "Close Microsoft Edge" from the menu. Has anyone faced this bug?
You meant Edge-Chromium Stable v79.0.309.71 ???
Here works all well like always before since many weeks! (y)


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Is there an easy way to organize bookmarks? I imported mine from Firefox, which creates a folder for them. But other than copying and then pasting them outside the folder, I haven't discovered another way to do it. Thanks.