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Ill be honest: Do not see a need to pay for a solution when the free option (EMET) does its job perfectly fine for average user.
Just takes time to configure and learn, thats all.
Bear in mind that EMET can break things, just like any solution with similar approaches.
In any case, experiment with EMET on a virtual machine before applying to your own system.


EMET in my opinion

2) It is compatible with all OS regardless of their architecture.

3) It requires no maintenance once you set.

4) It has a marginally impact on performance

5) It protects by default a number of commonly used programs considered to be particularly sensitive to the risk of exploit.

6) It allows to set a mitigation technologies native to the operating system.

7) Protecting an application will also protect its plugin

8) It can be configured in advanced mode (for advanced users)

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we talking about free versions, not paid ; i want something that cover the maximum of my potential surface attack vulnerabilities not just a bunch of browsers and office apps...i dont have needs of an armored front door with 20 locks while my windows are open...
So whatever you say about ease of use and speed of launch; EMET is the only one that cover all your apps, so it is the best one.

Now, if you talk about all versions , then your points will be valid.


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To have the maximum protection coverage without paying, you would only have EMET at the moment. Of course, there are complications like unfriendly UI for e.g. but given the cost ($0) and the coverage they offer, it is still a great bargain.

If you are willing to pay for it, MBAE or HMPA would be a much better solution than EMET. That is where Paid programs get additional features compared to Free.

Speaking this aside, @Umbra do you have any threads/ post on configuring the EMET settings? Somehow I didn't managed to find it in MT here.


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This thread is not to say if you can run them together, it is about which one is better and why...

Good call! Sorry for off-topic.

What do you think if I'll try to sum up:

HMPA paid > MBAE paid > EMET > MBAE free > HMPA free

or this

HMPA paid > MBAE paid > MBAE free > EMET > HMPA free?

I adhere to the second ranging. I'm sorry for slight deviation from OP - I added paid versions to discussion.