Review Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Plus - Removeable SSD, 15hr Battery, 11th gen Intel (Starts $899)


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Jan 8, 2011

Spec summary for Business / Education​

  • Display: 12.3-inch, 2736 x 1824 (267 PPI) touchscreen, 3:2 aspect ratio
  • Dimensions: 292 mm x 201 mm x 8.5 mm
  • Weight: 1.7lbs (i3 and i5 Wi-Fi), 1.73lbs (i7 Wi-Fi), 1.75lbs (i5, LTE)
  • Processor: 11th generation Intel Core i3, i5, or i7
  • RAM: Up to 32GB LPDDR4x (non-upgradable)
  • Storage: Up to 1TB SSD (removable)
  • Wireless: Wi-Fi 6: 802.11ax compatible, Bluetooth 5.0, built-in LTE on some models
  • Ports: one USB-C, one USB-A, 3.5mm headphone jack, Surface Connect
  • Price: $899 to start ($1,649 as tested)

Review Highlights​

  • Overall, the hardware on the Surface Pro 7 Plus is almost identical to the Surface Pro 7.
  • Intel’s latest 11th Gen processors Core i3, Core i5, or Core i7 variants. No internal fan, so it’s also silent while working.
  • Built-in LTE, but unfortunately there’s no 5G support. Microsoft is using Qualcomm’s older Snapdragon X20 LTE modem inside the Surface Pro 7 Plus.
  • Dedicated SIM slot at the side of the device, which replaces where you’d normally find the microSD slot.
  • Removable SSDs. This is really designed for commercial users to swap out faulty SSDs or to retain corporate data. Makes it far quicker for IT admins to get a machine up and running again.
  • Bigger battery (46.5Wh to 50.4Wh). Promises 15 hours of battery life, compared to the 10.5 hours on the original Surface Pro 7.
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