Microsoft Teams is getting a Cameo experience for PowerPoint Live


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Aug 17, 2014
If you have worked in hybrid environments through Microsoft Teams recently, you know that sharing your screen to present a slide deck is a fairly common occurrence. While most people share their entire screen or select the screen with PowerPoint open on it, Teams actually has a third option called PowerPoint Live.

PowerPoint Live presentations let attendees interact with presentations without affecting the presenter’s view – meaning that users can navigate between slides if they wish to during a live presentation without disturbing the actual presentation. They can also use screen readers or high contrast mode, helping them consume the presentation at their desired pace. Presenters also have the option of viewing multiple slides, attendees' video feeds, and notes without impacting the presentation.

Now, Microsoft has revealed that it is integrating a new experience called "Cameo" in PowerPoint Live for Teams. This was added very recently to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap with a Feature ID of 87725.

Simply stated, Cameo will integrate your Teams camera feed directly into the presentation and then you can customize the layout, as in where and how you want to appear with respect to the slides you are sharing. Interestingly, Microsoft announced something similar to this back in May 2021 so it's a bit unclear how Cameo will differ from that.

That said, this is pretty much all we know about Cameo right now. It's unclear how it will look like and how easy it will be to use. Microsoft is targeting an August release for Cameo in the desktop version of Teams, but it is important to note that time frames on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap are only tentative.