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Which one has better extensions/add-ons? I heard that adblock plus on firefox is much better than google chrome and the same goes for many other extensions, does this remain true?


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Google Chrome bacause have a strong a powerful extension system like ADBLOCK PLUS; WOT; HTTP EVERYWHERE; DISCONNECT; GHOSTERY; LASTPASS; ZENMATTE; PANIC BUTTON ETC...

Actually i use the Maxthon Cloud Browser but i have serious difficult to get same extension of Chrome!


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Depends what you want to add on/extend.
These days they are pretty similar i feel.


Which one has better extensions/add-ons? I heard that adblock plus on firefox is much better than google chrome and the same goes for many other extensions, does this remain true?
i would just personally test them yourself and see. Many are going have opinions "including myself", but you will need to experience them to truly know.


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Firefox has a bigger Addon-Pool i would say .. there are a lot nice addons not available with chrome .. and i always loved firefox .. but on my actual system i cant use it anymore .. its so slow with its overall performance. So imho when it gets to addons, firefox is still on top
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Chrome= Fast
Firefox= Powerful

Sums it up for me. Of course this is from my own findings, as i tested both browser and extensions for both i like and use..
If you want speed, simplicity, and addons that will limit your choices of settings "on most" then i would suggest chrome.
IF you want a powerful "open source" browser, that is completely customizable, with addons that have more options/settings, i would suggest firefox.
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Chrome: Fast in brodband like speed network, good addson, too much memory
Firefox: Fast in slow network like mobile internet, Better & powerful addson, less memory

And both are working on to provide much SEURITY they can....

I Pre. Firefox for my own personal browsing like fb etc & chrome for other woks like search etc..


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It depends on the one using.I love Firefox most.But Chrome has wide variety of addons that firefox lack but most of them arnt needed for me ,The ones in firefox suit my needs for security, productivity and games i dont show interest so not having awesome games like chrome does doesnt bother me.

so first identify ur needs.Check and act.

Opera and IE are not worth to try since they lack a lot in competition i believe. :)


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Interface = Firefox

Customization = Firefox

Start-up time = chrome

Faster loading of webpages = Firefox(within 0.5 sec average); Chrome( 2 sec average)

Malware Blocking = chrome
Password management = FF
Anti Phishing = Both

Download manager: Firefox has excellent download manager
Smoothness: FF have better web experience.

ADD Ons: Firefox has huge list, i guranteee u cant count them all

Finally: Firefox is great

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used FF for a while then Chrome and now im on Maxton Cloud; and im quite happy with it , some of its built-in features are extensions for FF/Chrome


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in my opinion, more additives have a better configurable Firefox browser and besides, there are plenty of choice, everyone will find something for yourself and your needs. :D


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MoFox is my favorite.

Maxton Cloud
I shall check it out.

It is kinda funny that I used to swear by Chrome. Chrome is a great product, but I am quite attached to MoFox.

MoFox starts a bit slower than Chrome, but once it is up and going, it seems slicker and faster than Chrome.
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I've used Firefox for a long time (starting back when the gekko based Netscape browser was, IMHO, clearly the more attractive choice over IE). Chrome has always fascinated me though, and if not for the fact that Firefox has simply worked more efficiently on my aging XP system than Chrome:rolleyes:, maybe I'd use Chrome a lot more! Preference seems largely hinged upon whether we are more comfortable with gekko (Firefox) or webkit (Chrome). I'll choose Firefox, for now, and remain open to Chrome.
As a side bar, can anyone explaino_O why Firefox hasn't worked as smoothly for me on our newer Windows 8.1 system I use (1.8ghz, 6GB RAM, 500GB hd); & might it be time to install Chrome ..or Comodo Dragon?:) :oops:..sorry Littlebits. I originally discovered MT when I read about the advantages of "..source browsers over clones.."!;)
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