Updates Mozilla's revenue jumped to 828 million U.S. Dollar in 2019


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Mar 16, 2019
Mozilla Foundation and Subsidiaries published the annual Independent Auditor's Report and Consolidated Financial Statements today. The report reveals that Mozilla earned a total of 828 million U.S. Dollar in 2019, nearly double the revenue of 2018.

Mozilla's revenue dropped in 2018 to 450 million U.S. Dollar from 562 million in 2017. The organization changed the search deal model that it used throughout the years to a flexible "per-region" one. It dropped Yahoo as the search provider and signed deals with Google, Baidu and Yandex in the same year.

The deals make up a large part of Mozilla's annual income: it was 539 million in 2017 and 429 million U.S. Dollar in 2018. Royalties from search deals increased to 451 million in 2019 according to the financial report.

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The huge increase in revenue comes from a position that is listed as "other revenue" in the financial statement. The sum of 338 million U.S. Dollar is not further explained in the document but the most likely explanation for it is the organization's legal dispute with Yahoo over the premature ending of the search deal.

Yahoo took Mozilla to court, and Mozilla decided to countersue for 375 million U.S. Dollar, a sum that is very close to the 338 listed under "other revenue".

Mozilla's dependence on search deals, in particular the deal with Google, is...............
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