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Hi, greetings from me
I have a problem with my laptop, when i use wifi (via modem/router) to connect my laptop is normal, can connect without problem
but when i connect my laptop with my portable hotspot (From my xiaomi redmi note 7), when i browse using mozilla firefox it cant connect and show notification like this:
But when i access other than is normal. And then when i browse using Google Chrome the page Google always redirect to Google
When i connect my other laptop to my portable hotspot is normal, there is no issue when i access
And then when i install Kaspersky, and AVG there is a pop up that show there is malicious link block notification from that two security software, and the frequency of that pop up is rather frequently when i connect to my portable hotspot
Here the log from Farbar, Malwarebytes, and Adwcleaner
Thank you so much if anyone know


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Hello, Welcome to MalwareTips.
I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.

If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.

Please download the attached Fixlist.txt file to the same folder where the Farbar tool is running from.
The location is listed in the 3rd line of the FRST.txt log you have submitted.

Run FRST and click Fix only once and wait.

The Computer will restart when the fix is completed.

It will create a log (Fixlog.txt) please post it to your reply.
Did you install this securilty software?
SMADAV versi 13.8.0 (HKLM-x32\...\{8B9FA5FF-3E61-4658-B0DA-E6DDB46D6BAD}_is1) (Version: 13.8.0 - Smadsoft)

Run Malwarebytes and delete all items that have been found.


If the problem persists and Chrome is Synced with other Devices reset it.

Execute the suggested fix.

Restart the computer normally.

The same goes with Firefox.
If the problem persists and you are Syncing Firefox it with other Devices reset it.

Navigate to this page and Remove it as suggested.

When done restart the computer normally.

If all is well.

Return to your Firefox Account and Click the Connect button.

Reset the sync.

Restart the computer normally.

Please post the Fixlog.txt and let me know what problem persists.


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Hello, im sorry for late reply, thankyou nasdaq for your assistance and your time to read my problems
Here is the fixlog in the attached files

Did you install this securilty software?
SMADAV versi 13.8.0 (HKLM-x32\...\{8B9FA5FF-3E61-4658-B0DA-E6DDB46D6BAD}_is1) (Version: 13.8.0 - Smadsoft)
>> Yes i install it myself, why? is it malicious?

I happen to not use Google Chrome anymore after i post my issues in here, the only browser that i have in my laptop is mozilla firefox (that i use frequently) and default browser Microsoft Edge
But i do your suggestion on my phone that use google chrome browser to stop and reset the sync
And in mozilla firefox i dont have any account syncing


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Update for the fix
I'm done the fix with your recommendation above, at first is normal, i can connect to my portable hotspot android and i can open without problem
But soon as i turn off my laptop, and i turn on again this morning, and i got the problem again, i cant open with my mozilla firefox, the same problem occur like pictures that i've sent above :(


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update again
i reinstall google chrome, and i use to browse (i connect to my android portable hotspot)
and then redirect to blablabla like this:
after that it redirects to


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Open Chrome settings.

Under Appearance and under On Start up do you see what you want to open when you open your Crome Browser.
If you see or change it to what you want.
Close the Settings and restart Chrome.
If the problem is not solved run Malwarebytes.

Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware from Malwarebytes or
from BleepingComputer

  • Right-click on the MBAM icon and select Run as administrator to run the tool.[/*]
  • Click Yes to accept any security warnings that may appear.[/*]
  • Once the MBAM dashboard opens, on the right detail pane click on the word "Current" under the Scan Status to update the tool database.[/*]
  • On the left menu pane click the Settings tab, and then select the Protection tab on the top.[/*]
  • Under the Scan Options, turn on the button Scan for rootkits and Scan within archives.[/*]
  • Click the Scan tab on the right detail pane, select Threat Scan and click the Start Scan button[/*]
  • Note: The scan may take some time to finish, so please be patient.[/*]
  • If potential threats are detected, ensure to check mark all the listed items, and click the Quarantine Selected button.[/*]
  • While still on the Scan tab, click the View Report button, and in the window that opens click the Export button, select Text file (*.txt), and save the log to your Desktop.[/*]
  • The log can also be viewed by clicking the log to select it, then clicking the View Report button.[/*]
Please post the log for my review.

Note: If asked to restart the computer, please do so immediately.

If not solved run this program.

  • Download & SAVE to your Desktop Download RogueKiller[/*]
  • Quit all programs that you may have started.[/*]
  • Please disconnect any USB or external drives from the computer before you run this scan![/*]
  • For Vista or above, right-click the program file and select "Run as Administrator"[/*]
  • Accept the user agreements.[/*]
  • Execute the scan and wait until it has finished.[/*]
  • If a Windows opens to explain what [PUM's] are, read about it.[/*]
  • Click the RoguKiller icon on your taksbar to return to the report.[/*]
  • Click open the Report[/*]
  • Click Export TXT button[/*]
  • Save the file as ReportRogue.txt[/*]
  • Click the Remove button to delete the items in RED[/*]
  • Click Finish and close the program.[/*]
  • Locate the ReportRogue.txt file on your Desktop and copy/paste the contents in your next.[/*]
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