Latest changes
Dec 22, 2019
Windows Edition
OS version
System type
64-bit operating system; x64-based processor
Security updates
Automatically allow security and feature updates
Windows UAC
Always notify
Firewall protection
Microsoft Defender Firewall
Account privileges
Administrator account
Account type
Sign in with associated Apple ID
Account log-in
  1. Account Password
Exposure to malware
No malware samples are downloaded
Real-time Malware protection
Windows Defender - Hardened via configure_defender -
EXE Radar Pro v4 Beta
McAfee Real Protect
RTP configuration
WD tweaked to the MAX settings, but controlled folder access is disabled
Periodic scanners
HitmanPro, Norton Power Eraser
Browser and Add-ons
Ublock Origin, Popup blocker strict.
Privacy tools and VPN
Neustar DNS
Password manager
Search engine
Duckduckgo, Google
Maintenance tools
Revo Uninstaller Free
Photos and Files backup
None. I don't have important documents on my pc.
File Backup schedule
No data backups
Backup and Restore
Backup schedule
No system backups
Computer Activity
  1. Browsing the web and checking emails
  2. Regularly installing new software every week
  3. Streaming movies, TV shows and music from the Internet
  4. Shared computer is used by other family members
Computer Specifications
R5 1600
16 GB 2666 MHz RAM
GTX 1060 6G Strix
WD 1 TB Blue
Staff notes
  1. This setup may cause performance issues, system instability or conflicts between programs, and can hinder the effectiveness of all installed antivirus products.


Level 56
I suggest you to start from the extension icon title.

I'll read it again and see.

I wish there would be a test where this kind of element blockers tested against malicious codes inside a website, malvertisings or popups.

I agree. It would be interesting to see it perform with no active AV, etc.

He states that blocking 3d-party(only over the HTTP) except the images and CSS files, will make browsing much more secure. This applies to my configuration too. I'm blocking all 3rd-parties except the CSS and images.

Yes, I've been following this as well. (y)


Level 4

- A lot of things :)


- Windows Defender, hardened via configure_defender (MAX settings, controlled folder access is disabled)
- Ublock Origin (Medium mode)
- Javascript is only enabled on HTTPS connections. (Chrome site settings)
- Malwarebytes Browser Extension installed. (Clickbait and advertising protections are disabled)
- FortiClient installed. (webfilter module only. Unrecognized domains are set to 'warn'.)


Level 4
I removed Forticlient. Decided that It's redundant while I'm using MBE and Neustar DNS.
Installed NoScript extension.
Made some changes on the Windows Defender Exploit Guard:

Mozilla Firefox 69.0b5/Plugin-Container.exe

- Block untrusted fonts
- EAF (1st checkbox selected)
- Hardened ASLR
- SimExec
- CallerCheck
- StackPivot


All of above + Code Integrity Protection (allow Microsoft Store signed images)


All of above +
- Block remote images
- Do not allow child processes
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Level 4
My new config.

I uninstalled everything except Defender. Installed VoodoShield and WiseVector instead. I think these three are a good combo, maybe I should consider replacing Defender with another antivirus as it is high on HDD usage as far as I remember. I'm thinking of installing Huorong, but it has weak signatures, probably weaker than Defender's. I couldn't decide which one.