James McCracken

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Do you guys only help with windows? I have read the threads that solve this problem for windows operating systems but cannot find anything for OS X


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Did you use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac to remove any malware/adware, and was the removal successful? Out of interest, what was detected?

What version of OS X are you running? Are you connected over Wi-Fi or Ethernet? Are other devices able to connect?

You may be able to find an answer on their Forums: Malwarebytes Forums

JM Safe

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Hello @James McCracken

  1. Please run a scan with MacKeeper (Download it here: MacKeeper)
  2. Download Avast Antivirus Free and run a scan with it.
  3. These two steps are required to know if your system is still infected, maybe this is the why of your connection problem.