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Norton 360 -
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Installation Feedback
Smooth, fast and it doesn't have to click on many options. One thing that I noticed: If you have to uninstall, use Revo because the official uninstaller leaves a lot of files. The installer downloads the app like Kaspersky does, it doesn't take long, but it depends on the Internet.
Interface (UI)
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Interface Feedback
Friendly for home users, easy to use, but it's not top notch on design, it's the same UI with some changes since 2012. Now they get off Symantec they could redesign everything.
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Usability Feedback
Extremely easy to use, automated, makes scan and most cases removes detected threats without asking user, which is perfect for my parents PCs. The File/Download Insight is awesome for home users who doesn't understand the risk of the file that is downloading, saying when a file is a malware or unknown.

When computer is idle Norton does a fast scan, live update, backup and PC tuneup tasks, I like it because I don't have to keeping doing that (mainly backup, scan and tuneup things) on my parents and brother PC.

I experienced that old bug of can't connect to Norton servers and a long time on load page when reinstalling Norton 360 on my machine and trying to do backup, but I log off from my account at "My Norton" launcher and sign in again and it works.
Other bug that I noticed on two PCs is when I try to exclude some folders from backup with many files in there and all Norton interface closes itself, small bug, but annoying.

I felt the system start up light, my previous software was Kaspersky and at least my PC start faster with Norton than Kaspersky. Norton doesn't lag PC when real time scanning some new file.

Norton alerts too of high software consumption of RAM, CPU or disk.
Performance and System Impact
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Performance and System Impact Feedback
Lightest, that is one of thw strongest point of Norton. It's clear to me that Norton realies heavily on the Cloud to analyse things, so the software consumption is extreme low. Of course most of us is connected to the Intrernet, but the one who travel a lot maybe can't be an option.

I got an old laptop with 4GB of RAM and it fits well in there, better than Windows Defender.
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Protection Feedback
Never got an head ache, equal to my parents. They added data protector shield (protected folder) to fill the gap since SONAR doesn't promp with ransomware like others BBs, I think they don't add the encryption files trigger to SONAR to avoid FPs.

I like the concept of SONAR being a cloud BB, is different from System Watcher that executes localy and can be a little heavy because of it. But because of it SONAR detection can be slow to prompt since it depends from your Internet.

Don't get me wrong, Norton blocks the unknown file or the software that are doing some malicious action, but SONAR or any notification only appears after checking in the cloud if they are right blocking.

Norton IPS and firewall is known to be one of the best. It's important to point that Norton doesn't break HTTPS connections, so browsing are light.

Nice thing: When you acces some malicious site, if you choose to continue anyway, Norton opens the web page on isolate mode in Norton servers, not on your PC.

It has a VPN and backup feature. I got a promo because I'm an old client: 250GB storage for a nice price.
Real-time file system protection
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Internet Surf protection
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Proactive Intrusion protection
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Network protection
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  1. Lots of great features
  2. Low impact on system resources
  3. Easy to use
  4. Simple and non-intrusive
  5. Strong and reliable protection
  6. Consistently high test scores
  7. Accurate and reliable antivirus engine
  8. Virus signatures are updated very often
  9. Excellent scores in independent tests
  10. Well designed, clear interface
  11. Multiple layers of protection
  1. Advanced users may want more control
Software installed on computer
More than 30 days
Computer specs
Windows 10, 1909
Ryzen 2400G
12GB RAM 2400Mhz
RX 580
Recommended for
  1. All types of users
  2. Inexperienced users
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Mar 28, 2019
Something to remember: Norton updates still continues that "bug" when you do it manually. You don't receive all the updates, it comes in parts, so every time you click to do a Live update it comes with new things to download. 😂

But the automatic update is smooth, you don't even notice Norton is there. I never experienced some major bugs like people had with Norton and Windows updates, I will tell here if I see it.

When a new version comes, Norton asks you to apply the patch, restarting Norton services without needing to restart Windows. In that case, I like Kaspersky more because it download and it wait the computer to restart to apply the new version without asking the user.