Level 19
Hey shmu26, I tried to use this with Defender but removed it soon after and probably won't return to it unless there's a miracle or something.

a. It's not updated for past 1 1/2 yrs.

b. As a former Insider in the Fast Ring, unless the developer pays personal attention to ERP soon, I, myself, would not risk running it in Windows v.2004. It once took HitmanPro over 13 minutes to upload over 700 new .exes and .dlls to its cloud while running a newly installed Insiders build (which would then theoretically segue to v. 2004 eventually.) So, this makes me think the potential for issues would be higher. Of course, not a fortune-teller here, though. Who knows.

c. It slows the startup process on this particular machine by about 3 seconds.