Android browser that suits you?

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Opera browser - fast & safe - Android Apps on Google Play
Firefox. Browse Freely - Android Apps on Google Play
Chrome Browser - Google - Android Apps on Google Play

Looking for an Android browser that can work on high and low end device with minimal or no performance impact to device. Use on both tablet and smaller screen sizes. Provides a service to save data when needed. Isn't bogged down with in-app sponsored content. Neat UI that is easy to use and can be accessed without too more configuration.

I have already tried Chrome, Firefox and now trying Opera. All stable builds.


Actually, I rooted my phone and I deleted all unnecessary google apps. Even Chrome because I do not like it on Android.
I was a Opera and Opera Mini user. I love the browser and built-in adblocking in it. Data compressing etc. But Chinese guys came and bought the browser section of Opera after that I uninstalled Operas on my phone.

Now, Firefox is my browser. It has extension support so you can make it great browser as you do on your desktop.
I added Privacy Settings add-on, do the all "privacy" changes. It will block ads with the tracking protection. (Disconnect filters)
Ahh I almost forgot, Firefox for Android can play Youtube videos on the background ;)

Go with Firefox!


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My device has Snapdragon 801+ 3gb Ram. I've tried all of them and below is what I feel.

Chrome: I suggest you to try out RSBrowser. It's been my favorite chromium-based browser for a year since I found it untill now.
RSB comes with some nice features: adblock (really work), privacy badger & Google sync. It also give me a notable increasing in terms of speed compare to Chrome. The downside is that the developer is not very active so it's usually 1-2 version behind from Chrome.

Opera's data save is top-notch. Its adblocker is decent. Now it also supports download video to view offline which is a considerable point to me. But not like RSB, I notice it's a bit slower than the original Chrome.

I've just tried Firefox for somedays now. One thing that helps Firefox beat the 2 competitors is the supporting of addon. You can use most of them: https everywhere, ublock.. exactly like those on desktop. Of course, the more addons is added, the heavier & slower it becomes.. I have HTTPS everywhere + ublock origin + Decentraleyes. A bit slower than Chrome but acceptable :)

Right now I'm satified with Firefox so it got my vote.
Hope it helps :)
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I'd first voted Chrome, changed it to Opera, then finally changed my vote to "other.."
I'll explain. The android browsers I'd had the most success with on our older tablet, with KitKat, were also among the lightest. They have been CM Browser, Opera (the full Opera rather than the Mini, although I've had success with either..) and UC Browser. Neither Chrome nor Firefox have operated successfully well on our 10" Dragon Touch Tablet, but UC Browser, based upon experience with our tablet, would be my choice if not for it's tendency to crash without warning. One UC Browser feature I've liked is it's magnifying glass viewer when editing text!:) More recently, I've adopted my first Smart phone, an LG Spree. Chrome now works far better, and more seamlessly. But now, after reading posts lauding Firefox's extensions, I'd also like to try it for myself.:) Depending upon the performance capacity of your Android device, I would consider Opera a sound choice for lightness, followed by UC Browser's ease of use & the comfort afforded by it's superior viewing and responsive U.I.:) If your device is more capable, then I would lean toward Chrome as well as other more robust browsers such as Firefox; and would be open to trying Dolphin as well.
Good luck, @Huracan. May you find efficiently safe, and trouble free browsing!:D


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Read all suggestions, and aftering trying I have chosen to stick with Opera for Android. It's performance on both high and low end devices are far more superior than that of Chrome and Firefox. No delay noticed in launching, using, switching app or typing. Data saving and ad-blocking available.

Opera - Not 100% perfect, but works for my needs.
Chrome - Great on desktop, not so much on mobile.
Firefox - Failed to impress. Too many options and settings, tapping on address bar would replace current website and noticeable performance impact on low end device. Add-ons felt like they impacting browsing in a negative way.


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When it comes on speed and reliability then it's Chrome. People know it all as the performance definitely surpass the two.

Opera is another good choice because of optimization compare to Chrome.

Meanwhile the least choice is Firefox, even though extensions are support however the speed is differ compare to GC and Opera.
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Would anyone, by any chance be able to provide a screenshot of FF with uBlockO... not sure what this addon would look like on a phone screen...

I have installed FF on my Samsung Galaxy S2, but froze it after install via Titanium Backup. I only browse 3 websites on my phone, so fell into the trap of installing FF for the hell of it...

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Neither. Use Cent browser for maximum protection, it has all the security check boxes you need for a daily browser user. (PC)

or use opera for android.
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