Android browser that suits you?

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Without a doubt Google Chrome. It is in my opinion by far the lightest on ressource and the best optimized, as both Android and Chrome are made by Google. The sync of the favorites, passwords and browsing history works flawlessly. Firefox is a good alternative but it is heavier on my Xperia XA. I would avoid Opera as it is now Chinese (see here).

In my opinion you should try Chrome and Firefox and see for yourself which one is the lighter and have the best UI and functionalities for you.


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Chrome feels more laggy than Opera (scroll). In other respects, I cannot say much as Chrome's ram usage is not shown on services Android menu while Opera shows more than one proccesses and some hundreds of MB's of usage if not closed from multitasking menu (LG G5- 4GB of ram).

I cannot really choose between them. I prefer Opera for being more smooth and Safari like, but I have doughts about it's usage or resources.


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I voted firefox. I trust firefox + there are privacy extensions for adblocking/tracking, disabling webgl/webrtc, i can hide my referrer from third parties, canvas blocker, etc etc, which the other mobile browsers currently don't provide.


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I like to use the same browser on my Android devices as I do on my desktop and laptop: Chrome.

I have Firefox as well but it's always been slower for me (and draws in a clunky way) on the desktop, which is what I use most.

They did (and still are) making Chrome run more smoothly; it was sub-par in that area.

I use AdAway to block ads device-wide--no need for a browser-specific one.

Though Firefox has been improving and it's always been nice, switching to it may happen in the future. Chrome's extension store is tough to beat, though.


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I voted other and recommend Habit Browser. You can literally without exaggeration adjust anything you want. Just try it out for yourself and you will see. Also has flash support.

tim one

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I use the Android phone in extensive way, and Chrome is my favorite.
Not saying that it is the lighter or fluid browser but I appreciate the data compression function that actually works, and save about 30% of mobile traffic.
Having a limited mobile plan I am fine with it.;)