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but it doesn't appear to do anything.
It does here... it maximizes the whitelist/user log/command line displays to use the entire VS window. So that column on the left you see in your capture isn't present when viewing those items.

Still... it would be nice if the VS window could be resized, or maximized to fit the user's screen, for easier access to the many columns those views carry.


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then the setting is not worded correctly in my opinion. you should be able to see the entire list without scrolling. just my thoughts.
It is described correctly within the context of the current GUI. I believe the OP's intention was that it maximize to full-screen, and I agree with both him and yourself. (y) A full-screen whitelist would be easier to read, but my guess is that to do that, the entire GUI might have to possess that ability to go full-screen. That's just my guess, but we'll see what Dan says.


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Even an option to enable/disable some columns would be nice (so less side scrolling if the UI is not able to handle fullscreen do to coding restrictions or so)
Check the option "Maximize whitelist, user log, etc" in UI Tweaks and you get this:


See the original post @ COU requesting maximize full-screen.

Also, note that option to tweak UI may only be available in VS Pro. Not certain about this as I haven't used Free version in quite some time.


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Dan posted @ COU this morning.(y)

"VS 5.0 is coming along really well… it should be finished within a month or two at the most, possibly sooner. And yes, you will be able to maximize the gui finally … that part is almost finished."