Padvish Free Antivirus 1.4.38 Home Edition,Free

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Nov 17, 2013
From the Iranian Vendor,AmnPardaz....with new design,still progressing


• Completely free

• Suitable for home users

• Detects and prevents all types of malwares

• Ability to scan files automatically and manually

• Installable on Windows 32 and 64 bit operating systems

• Automatic updates via the Internet

• Optimized to maintain the high performance of the system

• Smart engine for unknown malware

• Equipped with cloud technology to identify new, dangerous and unknown threats

• Access to a highly qualified analysis team for new malware analysis

• Ability to clean, quarantine and remove detected malware files

• Ability to update without internet connection (via File)

• Game Mode

• Virtual Keyboard

• Special protection, prevents malwares from infecting your computer through USB disks

•Ability to question the user when dealing with suspicious files

•Ability to exclude files and folders from a scan or system guard.




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Padvish Antivirus Free


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Feb 5, 2016
I THINK THAT THIS IS A Good SOFTWARE...As i read in other forums...
And YEA i like it !!! but need some more tuneup and will be on the top !!!
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May 8, 2015
To my knowledge, this uses it's own signatures/engine. At least by files (databases) and detection names.

Before you read my findings, note that I have maxed out all settings (heuristics, that is it - this results in a few FP's here and there).

Download of the software is very fast. Updates are very slow, very out of date (over 1 year ago) on install, takes 10-20 seconds to incorporate these updates. Total size on install is quite small compared to others which typically add up to about 500MB or more. Screenshot below. 358MB of disk space. Installation of Padvish Free AV was quick and painless. By default, Persian is selected as language. Other is English. Terms seems to be in only Persian despite English as selected language.

size on disk.png

On detection (by default), it will ask the user what to do with very sufficient options (a big plus). This software can be adjusted for auto handling. The screenshot below is an FP most likely brought on by max heuristics (by default, it's on the lowest). For time purposes, I just took a screenshot to show the dialog which appears on bottom right as most vendors do.

AV detection.png

It seems Padvish will not be considered as anti-spyware by system. Most likely Padvish is the cause, not Windows itself. After all, it can detect spyware. Screenshot of control panel below.

control panel.png

Padvish it not heavy on system resources on idle. RAM usage is normal/low (in my mind). No noticable slow downs on boot/application use. During scans, RAM usages does not inflate however CPU usage may be moderate (50% usage) to high (around 75%). System slow downs during this. Screenshot of idle below.


Screenshot of updater and it's speed/size (this is first update).


I conducted a scan against 170 confirmed pieces of adware/malware. Detection was average with about 53 files left. Padvish has only heuristics for zero day protection. This is not enough. Not anymore. System heavily infected after running undetected files. Below is screenshot of contextual scan results. Padvish is fast with it's scans for the most part. Deletion of detected files is very fast. Some files it will auto delete. I assume this is because it detects the file as definite malware.

context scan.png

I also conducted an initial quick scan to see details of it's speed. It is very detailed and average on it's scan speed here. Ignore FP's. Again, due to custom settings, this will happen. I wanted the best out of Padvish right off the bat.

scan complete.png


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Nov 17, 2013
Thanks said everything needs to describe the product
The project is great,but due to its database,it needs some supplements to protect the system
I wish they use some AVs engines at the beginning of their project
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Dec 17, 2014
Looks quite good by the website :D. Not sure about how it would do in testing. It would be good to see a test on it. I might download it and try it out a bit myself. Thanks for sharing. :)
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Oct 25, 2014
Hi all

Are the emal links on their Website working.

With best Regards
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