New Update Pale Moon Outage post-mortem, and apologies


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Apr 24, 2016
To recap, we've had a severe outage due to foul play from one of the core developers abusing his trust and access to knock domain name resolution offline. We are also entirely without an add-ons site which means extensions, themes and language packs aren't available as normal. I'm doing my best to find a proper resolution for this and have halted the rollout for v30 for the moment.
The consequences for Pale Moon with his damaging exit and yanking of the plug of the addons server are pretty major, because of the changes made in the new milestone as well as his unilateral decision to completely rewrite the addons site at the same time.

As a result, the current situation is:
  • There is no site with current-version addons, and the software written for it is wholly incomplete
  • There is no site with previous version addons because a new server needs to be set up
  • We don't have streamlined updates for extensions, language packs or themes
  • The development decisions made around add-ons were, as self-admitted by Tobin, to try and manipulate the users into having to make extensions Pale Moon exclusive regardless of the change to the Firefox GUID. I will be working on undoing that mistake and restore previous flexibility with pale moon's own GUID and Firefox GUID compatibility for installation.
  • Since this escalation happened shortly after a new milestone release which is always a very critical time in need of many updates and fixes (and is never perfect, which I was blamed personally for, despite needing to release for a critical security flaw (used in the wild)), it was a major blow for operations
I'm now left with the difficult decisions to make to weigh short term fixes against big picture development.
This will mean a rollback of the milestone and security update to 29.4 as I'm not confident this can be solved immediately on v30 in a satisfactory way.

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