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More Info in: Patch D is available for testing, - Kaspersky Lab Forum
Testable fixes and features:
• Bug 1682126:There is no plugin icon in description of extensions FF
• Bug 1693069:screenshot protection dont work on win 8x64 after patch C
• Bug 1701984:Two Kaspersky Lab power events provider string in Device Manager after update to patch C
Compatibility fixes:
• Requirement 1709338:[BRQ][Windows 10]Full support for RS1
• Bug 1702991:[2016 MR1 Patch D] Продукт ломает facebook в FF
• Bug 1739222:[WebAV] Google search is broken periodically
• Bug 1774995:Support: SD: Impossible to install/start multiple JP applications after MR1 upgrade with active self defence
• Bug 1714773:KFP failed install on OS with KAV 2016 MR1 and break down KAV
Special bugs and features (where special environment or infrastructure is needed):
• Bug 1696231:The program is frozen at the Loading application stage after installation in Touch device
• Bug 1703276:IPP. Renew/Buy links can't be opened from toast.
• Bug 1722372:[2016 MR1 pathc D] GUI: OAS: ODS: The text for detected threat must be equal for NC and alert [hoax.malicious_tools]
• Fixed several bugs with a drop the product.