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Should you use Bitdefender? Probably not. Despite claiming top-notch detection rates, just browse our Bitdefender Product Forum and you'll see negative feedback regarding their Free and Paid products. I've also had bad experience using Bitdefender 2012 and 2013 products.

Are you looking to replace PC Tools with a Paid or Free product?

I can suggest to create your own Security config here for better opinions of what to use.

Always remember to try the software by downloading a trial version (usually 30-days free), before purchasing any software.


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Dima007 said:
Should I replace to bitdefender from PC Tools? And why?
The Bitdefender is too buggy i've used it and i was disappointed.
I think it is best to listen to advice from Earth.


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I think Bitdefender would be a step in the right direction from PC Tools even if they are owned by Symantec.I tried Bitdefender Internet Security on Windows 8 and never had any problems with it.Personally I think there are better products than Bitdefender but that is my personal opinion as is my opinion of PC Tools.

Why Bitdefender? If you are interested in it then give it a try.Trying the different products yourself will be the only way to know what works best for you.Although I would suggest crossing PC Tools off your list.


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PC Tools security products have been discontinued and will be replaced by Norton products.

BitDefender has many issues reported by users all over the web including their own forum. I tried it and experience tons of bugs, high false positives, system lags and you name it.

My suggestions:

If you are using Windows 8, then go with the default security provided by Microsoft and learn how to use UAC. Never download files from sources not verified to be trusted.

If other Windows OS, you might try Avast Free, MSE, FortiClient Lite, Avira Free or AVG Free. They will all offer about the same protection if you use your knowledge when downloading files and surfing the web.

Remember malware doesn't magically appear on your system, you have to allow it to download or connect an infected device and allow the malicious files to execute.



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PC Tools are no longer in development security products thus you need to replace another program.

Bitdefender have so many reports of problems by the user and its your choice if willing to take the risk too.

A configuration like free products combination or other paid AV products are ok.


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I've downloaded the trial version yesterday. But now I'm confused, there are other recommendations?


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There's a lot of Free products by vendors such as; Avira, Avast, AVG, Panda Cloud, Microsoft (among others) and they also provide paid-solutions. Other vendors, for example; Emsisoft, ESET, Kaspersky, Norton, Webroot offer only paid-solutions.

Currently I am using a free solution provided by Microsoft.


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i have never recommended pctools to anyone and dont think ever will and i strongly suggest staying away from bitdefender products.

and i can see MT member already suggested some good alternatives so i wont :p