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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware vs SUPERAntiSpyware vs HitmanPro vs Zemana Anti-Malware vs Emsisoft Emergency Kit vs Norton Power Eraser vs HerdProtect
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I think you should have specified whether it was the free or premium versions that you have specified in the poll


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  1. Malwarebytes Antimalware - ..was, & still is, the free 2nd opinion scanner I continue to use for it's effective detection, reputation in past & current development, plus it is the reason why I'd first discovered (by accident) Malware Tips which popped up on a search!:p:D
  2. Hitman Pro - Upon reading about Surfright's flagship scanner, here on MT, I was impressed by everything it found on our old XP, & it continues to reside on all our systems.
  3. Emsisoft Emergency Kit - After (finally) heeding the Great exterminator20's sage advice, I've finally decided to get on board with EEK!:p I am impressed by it's file updates (always kept current) and love that it's portable too!
  4. Zemana Antimalware - Although I've yet to use it,o_O Zemana's highly acclaimed reputation (& the fact I have a key!:rolleyes:) have me excited which makes it feel a lot like Christmas!:):)
  • Additionally, I feel very secure using the service provided by virustotal.com with it's universe of developers' detection methods, it promotes confidence!;)
PS Thanks for all the positive input, my friends. Now, I'm going to take a closer look at Norton's Power Eraser too!
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UPDATE: Detection and Real-Time Protection to be taken into account (free versions, unless the free version doesn't have Real-Time Protection)