Update PrivateWin 10 Build v0.50a


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Malware Hunter
Apr 28, 2015
[0.50a] - 2019-11-03:


  • added own event log, displayed in the overview page
  • added network manager listing all open sockets and currently connected networks
  • added ETW tracking to obtain datarate information for sockets
  • added dns inspector, dns query monitoring with fallback to reverse dns queries
    -- showing domain names to the remote adresses
    -- logging all domains every program tryed to connect to
  • added tweaks to disable office 2016/2019 telemetry
  • added Ribbon Toolbar to the Firewall view
    -- improved program list filtering a lot
    -- added more list view customization options
    -- much better category filtering
    -- etc...
  • added Tweak Guard to automatically re apply tweaks that windows undid
    -- tweaks and their states are saved to tweaks.xml
    -- tweak changes are logged on the priv10 event log
  • added Firewall Rule Guard
    -- firewall rule changes are identifyed on start as well as monitored on live during runtime
    -- Optin to automatically disable changed/added rules or to flat out always out undo all changes not done by priv10
    -- All 3rd party changes to firewall rules logged in the priv10 event log + notfication
  • added option to reload app list from apps dropdown
  • added propper modern app resource string display
  • completly reworked the backend (engine and service) code
  • refactored IPC code
  • dropped many unnececery dependencies
  • Now by default using "C:\ProgramData\PrivateWin10" instead of the application directory to store data
    -- If a PrivateWin10.ini is present in the applicaton directory the tool starts in portable mode instead
  • reworked firewall manager and firewall rules
  • reworked firewall event monitoring to make it more robust to future changes in windows
  • Changed from the old and out dated COM Interface to a use Native windows firewall API's instead
    -- Now supporting new windows 10 features
  • reworked datagrid header handling
  • and much more that I forgot to write down...
  • program list browsing with arow keys when filter is engaged
  • reworked AppManager class to properly work
    -- improved sid to app resolution performance
    -- properly resolving apppackage id of running modern apps by current process ID
  • not uniqie service resolution is now handled properly.
  • sorting by timestamp now works properly
  • fixed issues with file and registry tweaks not being un don properly
  • fixed issues with not applicable tweaks being sometimes shown where it could have been avoided
  • and many more which I forgot to write down...