Removing "Microsoft - Your Computer is Blocked" from a HP chromebook

Torin Reid

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Oct 3, 2020
Hello everyone,

I'm not too literate on computers but I have a "Microsoft - Your computer is blocked" malware on my HP chromebook. I tried to follow instructions but the chromebook is different.



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Jan 8, 2011
1. Which Guide did you follow?

2. Review all installed extensions and remove any that may be the cause. Send a screenshot or list, if unsure.

3. Try Chrome cleanup at chrome://settings/cleanup

4. Try scanning your Chromebook with Malwarebytes, requires Play Store support.

Final (after infection is removed).
For future protection use Malwarebytes Browser Guard. Browser Guard - Blocks ads, scams, and trackers

Disclaimer: I am not familiar with the ChromeOS system, all information has been found via search engine. Make sure all your data is backed up. If you are unsure, then let us know.
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