Rest In Peace @Frogboy!


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Jul 3, 2014
I haven't been to MT for some months and just today found out that our friend ,,frogboy,, left us. He was 55 years old or smth like this. I am very sorry about his death. I contacted him for many times in pm and asked him for English help to fix my mistakes in English texts. He was always happy to help me. RIP @frogboy


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Nov 17, 2016
I saw this back in Dec 2018 and didn't want to post or admit it. His avatar has always been a part of mines 2 years ago, now he is with me in my avatar and heart forever. RIP and thanks for being such an amazing person!


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Jul 28, 2016
a more recent pic of frogboy :



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Oct 22, 2016
@Mr.Wave @frogboy

Hey boy, I miss your posts. We never got to talk, really. My fault! My fault and the lack of knowledge of your language. Strangely I could read you (understand you) but not to answer as I wanted. (strange thing) I have limited myself to a few Likes, but for this reason, my "LIKE" were absolutely sincere. Watch over us, if you can.


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Dec 29, 2014
Watching a stream on Twitch the other day, had a Frogboy moment. A little thing but the chat came down on a streamer who was replaying a bad round from a save in a long play game (XCOM). He more or less got snuffed out of a long run in this one single round. Streamer said he never comtinues a run after beiing bounced, which he seriously doesn't. Anyway, a good group who know XCOM were there, so it wasn't a big deal thankfully. Still, it's not a thing to just walk away from 50 or 60 hours of a run with XCOM. Sometimes, you replay the round to see if you can determine what happened. The termination of a long run happens so fast with that game. Anyway, I found myself thinking of what Frogboy might say to the chat lol. "Say there boys, maybe we could chill it out a bit 'ay. The man's just been bounced hard." I was laughing to myself I have to admit. Always the closet moderator was Frogboy...

Too bad about Frogboy seriously. He was obviously the best sort no questions asked...


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Feb 1, 2019
Even though I didn't know him, it's sad when you lose someone, even if they are unknown to you, they are still a person just like us, with friends and family, and then this great sadness enters their lives..

I Hope the same hasn't happened to Cruel Sister.

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