Rollback RX - Utorrent Problems !

Discussion in 'Rollback and Virtualisation' started by lasse Larsson, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. lasse Larsson

    lasse Larsson New Member

    Nov 11, 2017
    Windows 7
    Hello !

    I have searched on the internet but I can't find anything anywhere about rollback RX not working correctly together with Utorrent ot other P2P-programs.

    I am new to Rollback RX home version but I have red alot about the program and I have had it Installed for two days before uninstalling it because og disk space problems - but I really love the program and I really want to get it working. So maybe someone here can help me ?

    I know you should install Windows ( 7 in my case ) and after that install Rollback RX because you want a small Baseline Snapshot to start with. In my case that is not possible right now even if I will do that on my next computer upgrade. Bur right now I have a 500 GB hard drive that is VERY VERY fragmented. 440 GB is filled with a lot of files - I believe around 2.000.000 files in total - and 60 GB is free.

    That is the start scenario. So - to test the system I made one or two snapshot that took up 880 MB and 91 MB. That's fine I thought ! Because I only plan to have maybe 3 in total to be able to revert to the last one if I am hit by a virus or some program get corrupted !

    So - after that I tried to use utorrent and downloaded a file that was around 20 GB - Should be NO problem because I have nearly 60 GB left - But after only download 8 GB Utorrent stops ans say "Torrent error - You are running out of diskspace !" Tried many times but the same result ! In explorer I still had 40 GB left !

    So I did a new test - I started all over with Rollback RX - Uninstalled it and installed it again with my 60 GB free hard disk space. But this time i filled up the computer with a map that was around 5 GB and copied it to diferent locations on the Harddrive - And I could do so until I more or less run out of Diskspace - NO - Absolutely NO problem.

    So - I deleted theese 58 GB of carbage files and expected to get them back - bur no luck - still only 2-3 GB free space on the harddrive. So i red about defragmenting the snapshots and did that and restarted the PC - and all my 60 GB was back (in windows).

    Now to my questions - There are 5 of them and I appreciate ALL kind of trying to help me out here !

    1. Can it be the SPEED from utorrent - Then Utorrent downloads with 7.5 MB/s maybe Rollback RX can't copy with that speed ?

    2. Or can the problems be caused by utorrent downoading a lot of fragmnted files and that caused the disk space on my hard drive to get filled up very very fast ?

    3. The reason for making a baseline snapshot from the start after installing windows - Could you clearly explain the difference in diskspace if you compare making the first baseline snapshot with a fresh windows system - around 15 GB - compared to install it on a heavy fragmented 440 GB disk ?
    How much memory will I "win" in the long run ? And are there other issuses regarding this ?

    4. Is there really no other way to get the free memory back in windows WITHOUT having to restart the computer (after defragmenting the snapshot files) ?

    5. What is the best reasons for actually buying the PRO Version ? It is of course different from person to person - but please tell me Your Ideas regarding that !

    Would really apreciate some thought on thos subjectt !

    If you can answer just one of the questios I am still very grateful !

    Kind Regards Lasse from Sweden !
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  2. Peter2150

    Peter2150 Level 6

    Oct 24, 2015
    Washington DC
    Windows 7
    Hello lasse

    An important first question. Do you fully understand how Rollback Rx works.
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  3. lasse Larsson

    lasse Larsson New Member

    Nov 11, 2017
    Windows 7
    Hello Peter !

    I guess I Can't say I know exactly how the program works - I have red and understand the principles of the programm
    and I have tested the program so I can use it - but for sure my questions shows that I have a lot to learn. I do understand
    that Rollback RX use low level disk "language" that is hidden from windows - And because of that I can't see how much
    space it actuallly uses.

    Kind Regards Lasse !
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