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Version 3.57.01 enhances the color border feature a bit:

- On Windows 7 when Aero is enabled, the Sandboxie border rectangle wraps around the Aero border rather than be on top of it.

- The border should hopefully follow the window more closely during a window resize/move operation.

- The border goes invisible if any part of it would be obscured by a window that is "always on top".

- Sandbox Settings > Appearance offers new option to display the border only when the mouse is in the window title area.

- When a new sandbox is created, the default is now to have a yellow border that appears when the mouse is in the title area.

Version 3.57.01 enhances the black window that appears when a program in the sandbox wants administrator privileges:

- Includes a note that explains that programs will continue to run under Sandboxie even with administrator privileges.

- Window can be moved or minimized.

- If you click cancel, the elevation attempt is aborted without a follow-up second (or even a third) elevation prompt that you would also have to cancel.

- When Drop Rights is in effect and message SBIE2219 is issued, you also see a new message SBIE2220 which offers an easy way to turn off the Drop Rights setting.
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v3.61.03 released