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Nov 23, 2018
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    Level 3
    Here is my conf:
    Zonealarm Pro (because of its own firewall driver, early boot firewall protection is good, making stupid wfp based firewall useless)
    GData AV: Inhouse AV and great BB with Bitdefender signatures
    SpyShelter Premium: HIPS and Keylogging protection
    Hitman Pro Alert: keylogger protection disabled
    CPU time 1-2% is good.


    Staff member
    Malware Hunter
    @sepik: please kindly specify in "Real-time Web & Malware Protection" which 3rd party products do You have installed for resident + firewall protection.

    If You have all those products ZoneAlarm FireWall + GData AV + SpyShelter HIPS + HitManPro. Alter... that's a crazy config :)


    Level 30
    I have to say this config is way too overly complicated and overkill for what you need. I would stick to one realtime product (AV wise), one firewall if you need it and a VPN w/ 1-3 on demand scanners. That should be sufficient for yourself. However it is your choice, no one's forcing you to change, only advise.



    Level 3
    Here is my new, still testing combo:
    AV: Symantec Endpoint Protection
    -firewall disabled
    Firewall: Zonealarm Pro
    HIPS and Keyloggin protection: Spyshelter Premium
    Ramsoware protection: HMPA Alert, only anti-ransomware module and process hollowing enabled
    OS Armor: blocking wscript, powershelll etc

    Runs like a wind, no slow downs. Memory usage and i/o writes are low(good for ssd).
    Passed Atelier Firewall test 5-6. Comodo firewall failed, fortknox firewall failed but ZA Pro passed.