Latest Changes
Mar 23, 2019
Operating System
Windows 10
Windows Edition
System Architecture
64-bit OS
Security Updates
Automatic Updates - All security and feature updates
User Access Control
Always Notify
Windows Firewall - Network security provided by Microsoft
Device Security
Windows Defender SmartScreen (Windows 10)
User Account
Standard - User has some control over the settings
Recent Security Incidents
No malware or privacy issues
Malware Testing
None - No Malware on host PC or VM
Real-time Web & Malware Protection
Windows Defender with ConfigureDefender
Software Restriction Policy with Hard_Configurator
Excubits Bouncer 2019
Custom Settings For Real-Time Protection
Custom - Major changes for Increased Security
Custom Settings For Real-Time Protection Details
WD: PUA, all ASR (except lsass), Network protection, Controlled folder access
H_C: Security level Disallowed, all Sponsors (except runonce), DocumentsAntiExploit
Bouncer: Various lol bins + command line monitoring for rundll32
Virus and Malware Removal Tools
None at present
Browsers and Extensions
Chrome, Edge
Web Privacy
uBlock Origin
Password Management
System Utilities
Data Backup
Frequency of Data backups
Always-on Sync
System Backup
Macrium Reflect
Frequency of System backups
Computer Activity
Browsing Internet and email
Install new programs on a weekly basis
Device is used by family members
Download files from different sources
Office and work related tasks
Computer Specifications
Custom build:
i5 skylake
integrated graphics
8 gb ram
SSD 250 gb


Level 75
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If I remember correctly it blocks 3rd party everything by default but check as I haven't had to use the default since forever (save settings on the cloud).
This is right. Out of the box it blocks 3rd party by default.
I tried it out a little. Looks good! Thanks for the suggestion.
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This is right. Out of the box it blocks 3rd party by default.
I tried it out a little. Looks good! Thanks for the suggestion.
As usual it will be a bit annoying but the more you use it the less annoying it gets. I usually visit my normal websites from a umatrix browser and any research i want to do that will be on random websites is done on another browser (deletes on close).

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