Q&A Should i add to Mcafee Livesafe sysherdener?


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Aug 27, 2020
Hi, I have Bitdefender Total Security & I have Syshardener enabled with default settings, I don't know if that answers your question, but I have been advised to use Syshardener on this Forum, it adds an extra layer of defense to your Windows System, that is my understanding. :)


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Jun 26, 2020

I wondering about syshardener to add to Mcafee, it is neceserry?

I believe if you are an experience user you can consider use syshardener, if not, maybe you should stick for a more traditional approach to security.
This application can block a lot off stuff that you use in a daily base. If you work in that computer some application may not respond has usual, so I recommend you think about two times before installing.

I give you an example, lots of users hear use Adguard desktop application, I tested and it reduce my internet speed in 25%, so that application is not for me, I am not prepared to abdicate from 25% of my internet speed. I install Adguard extension in Brave o works marvelous without losing speed.

Conclusion, what is good for some users may not be the ideal for you, so you should consider what you win and lost with the installation of an application like this.

Sorry for my bad English


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Mar 29, 2018

I wondering about syshardener to add to Mcafee, it is neceserry?
+1 on @Freud2004's advice.

Just be aware that SysHardener will not give alerts for blocked processes and has no logs. You will have to troubleshoot any issues yourself.

@Andy Ful 's Simple Windows Hardening tool IMO is easier to use and has a built-in logger for blocked events.

The choice is yours.