Level 23
I installed simple wall and when I right click install filters and install them, I lose my internet connection until I uninstall them again.


Level 23
ScreenHunter_89 Mar. 05 13.14.jpg
Close your browser. As soon as you open it once again it will try to connect the Internet, then simplewall should detect your browser and a pop up or notification style msg asks you to ignore or allow.
Tried that a few times and never get a popup. Will Ublock block the popup?
Only way I have found is to set the mode to blacklist, then Edge will open but still do not get a popup.
Screen shot is before switching mode to blacklist.


Level 19
I uninstalled this simple thing, but be careful uninstall filtering and uncheck disable windows firewall ,if you don't you will not be able to connect to internet after uninstall,it happened to me.I am trying out evorim firewall for now.


Level 7
simplewall v2.2.1 beta (14 March 2018)
sha256 checksum
v2.2.1 Beta (14 March 2018)
  • instant apps list sorting
  • notifications: added information about blocked protocol
  • notifications: replaced "disable notifications for this app" icon
  • notifications: changed default timeout between same notifications
  • notifications: tray popup sometimes won't shown on some systems
  • notifications: ignore button combined with block button
  • notifications: changed texts for remote/local addresses
  • timer does not removed when user manually uncheck apps
  • removed font boldening for itself (issue #135)
  • changed minimal width of main window
  • fixed timers formatting
  • fixed ui bugs
  • fixed bugs