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Is anyone who is using Edge.dev (or any chromium Edge) finding it's taking about 1 or 2 seconds longer to log out of here versus another browser? :emoji_pray: If I log out with Edge.old, it's virtually an instant log-out.
Yes, it's a known issue related to "Clear-Site-Data" with the Chromium/Chrome browsers. On Chrome it takes more than 10 seconds to log out. I've talked with the Xenforo developers and they say this is a browser bug. Reports were submitted and hopefully, it will be fixed in the next releases.


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OK, the logout slowness got a little better actually, a little. (y) Here's another observation and anyone with insight, please say so: smilies within parentheses results in substitution of those parentheses with smilies.

smiley problem.PNG

This becomes manifest when you are logged out. So, if you catch this, you try to correct it within the five minute time frame for editing without having that messy "edited" message showing. Edge.dev, latest build. Nano adblocker and Defender browser security. What causes this?

Edit: is there a dedicated test area in this forum to try posting under different scenarios in order to troubleshoot whether it's an issue unique to one's machine versus a forum software glitch?

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