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Lately I have trouble with fixing an issue. Everytime I start up my pc My G-data antivirus says that i have a virus called steam.dll. When i look in the Quarantine folder I see that the virus description is Gen:Variant.ursu. I also see that the file comes from a temp folder. So i tried deleting it cuz i read that you are fine to do that. But it didn't help it keeps saying that. I don't even know if it is really a virus because i have no trouble at all with anything else besides my antivirus freaking out every 20 minutes.


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Hey ,
It keeps popping up and i can't delete or set it back.
it pops up trough game screens and everything.
I just want it gone but don't know how.
pls help


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Just go and delete it manually at the location where it is. Bitdefender should tell you that when it makes a detection.

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