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Aug 17, 2014
Source: Subscribe to YouTube Video Channels in Vivaldi without extensions - gHacks Tech News

by Martin Brinkmann on December 12, 2020 in Internet - Last Update: December 12, 2020

Vivaldi Technology introduced the long-awaited mail client in the company's Vivaldi web browser last month. The client integrates mail, a calendar, and news feed reading into the Vivaldi browser. The functionality is being tested currently, but will eventually be enabled in stable versions of the browser.

YouTube supports RSS but Google is doing its best to push users towards signing-up for an account and using the built-in subscription system instead. Our guide on finding YouTube RSS feed links and using them is still valid, but the option to get a subscription feed of all a user's subscriptions on YouTube has been removed.

Vivaldi improves the discoverability of YouTube RSS feeds in the browser by integrating the functionality directly in it. When you visit a YouTube page with a feed, you will see the new RSS icon in the address bar. It is displayed to the right of the address to indicate that a feed is available.


Click on the icon, select one of the listed RSS feeds if there is more than one, and then either preview to see a preview of the feed or subscribe to add it to Vivaldi's RSS feed reader.

Vivaldi notifies about new items that are published by subscribed feeds via its notification system but also by showing the number of unread items in the sidebar and status bar.

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