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Download unmanaged from the link below [URL='https://www.comss.ru/page.php?id=569']Symantec Endpoint Protection[/URL]
[URL unfurl="true"]https://www.comss.ru/page.php?id=569[/URL]
[SPOILER="Unmanaged installation config "][URL unfurl="true"]https://ibb.co/K70fFMW[/URL][/SPOILER]
[SPOILER="Firewall and exploit only (for compatibility with other av software )"][URL unfurl="true"]https://ibb.co/VLsVFdW[/URL][/SPOILER]


Level 7
Jan 11, 2018
There is an issue having to do with the installed SEP extension in Chrome.

I get a warning to the effect your Browser Intrusion Protection isn't working correctly. Your protection definitions may be damaged or your product installation may be corrupt.

How to get rid of it?

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