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Feb 25, 2017
! First things first. I just found out about this extension and am not sure about it's effectiveness and trustworthiness !

I hope @Kees1958 will share his opinion about it when he finds the time. (y)

So far I've only tried it's fingerprinting protections and according to the site and it is able to spoof the Audio Context Fingerprint, Canvas Fingerprint, Font Fingerprint and WebGL Fingerprint. So it's actually able to spoof quite a few fingerprinting approaches.

It also has an option to use a TOR Relay and change your IP after a couple of minutes.

Turn off surveillance​

Disable WebRTC, Flash, Java, Cookies, Javascript and browser fingerprints.

Set by IP address​

Set timezone, time, browser language and geolocation by IP address and country used.

Manage your account​

Your VPN and proxy subscriptions are now always at hand. Manage browser connections

Website: Secure Kit addon for Firefox, Chrome and other browsers
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I installed and on first looks:
  1. Designed for VPN
    Has the option to automatically change some browser settings which are related to your geo-location. Even when you disable your geo-location it is fairly easy to guess your are using a VPN service because the geo-location of the IP provided by the VPN does not match your time zone and languege. This extension has an option to automatically align this
  2. Has a build-in TOR like IP-spoof
    I did a quick test and this feature did what it promised to do: change IP and related browser settings. Browsing speed dropped to 5/6 Gbs, so barely enough for 60 frames per second videos. It has a slider to control the relay interval (changing IP address) from 3 to 30 minutes.
  3. No one size fits all approach
    With privacy protection is better to do a few things well. Problem with all browsers is that they reveal related data through different mechanisms. Because this extension is used as up-sell mechanism for their VPN-service they are aware of this issues and automatically adopt the related settings for your through all mechanisms.

My BulletVPN had some problems, so can't check @oldschool caveat whether it works well when using another VPN service.
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