Thunderbird teams up with secure and private email provider Mailfence


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Aug 17, 2014
Mailfence announced a partnership with Thunderbird on the company's blog just a few days ago. Mailfence is a secure and private email provider headquartered in Belgium promising a tracking-free privacy-preserving email service that is protected by Belgian privacy laws. Security-wise, Mailfence supports encryption (OpenPGP) and digital signatures.

Thunderbird users may create new email addresses directly from within the client; this can be done in addition to adding existing email addresses or as the first step after installation of the client. While it is possible to do so from email provider websites as well, creating accounts from within Thunderbird has the advantage that they are set up correctly right away and that the project team may get a small financial contribution from the email provider in question.

Mailfence's integration in Thunderbird enables the synchronization of all of the organization's tools with Thunderbird according to the announcement:
The collaboration between the two organizations will deepen the integration of their respective services to improve user experience. Later this year, users with a Mailfence account in their Thunderbird, will benefit from an automatic sync with all of the Mailfence tools: email, calendar, contacts, and encryption keys. They get a highly secured email solution with full respect for their privacy.
The full integration will become available to all Thunderbird users later in 2021; a specific release version or date has not been revealed.

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Feb 10, 2017
Is this a free email provider? I am offered a trial version. And then what?
There's a free plan with limitations:
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