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    360 TSE, VS PRO
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    Zemana AntiMalware Premium
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    Cent x64:AdBlocker Ultimate, EagleGet
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    Level 40
    It is good it is all going well for now, i am pleased as i have never tried Kaspersky before so an update on your experience in a few weeks would be nice. ;):D
    Of course there will be an update on how it's performing.
    But you have to wait for a few days because i installed just yesterday so it's to soon to report something solid;)
    I am glad you like my config:)

    JM Safe

    Level 38
    Removed: Emsisoft AM. My wife had browsing slowdown with AVG IS so i removed it and installed in her pc Emsisoft AM
    Bye bye Emsisoft :(. After a tweaking her pc is running smooth:).
    Also removed uBlock

    Added: Kaspersky AV. So far it's running smooth, no browsing slowdown and the boot is very quick about the same
    with Emsisoft. Full scan was quick less than 9 minutes.
    Also added Adguard add-on on Cyberfox. I like it it's light:)

    p.s.: I wanted for years to try Kaspersky but when i was heaving W7 always something was going wrong and couldn't
    operate the way it was supposed to do.
    So now i am very happy that i can use it:).
    Kaspersky was the only AV i haven't used from the more known security companies all this years.
    I hope it will perform well
    An excellent update, my friend ;) Thanks for sharing it :)


    Level 40
    seems good, what are your 5-1/2 years old laptop specifications? :p
    I got my dell 5521 damaged in a year :(
    Specs of my laptop
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 2.26 GHz
    RAM: DDR2 4 GB at 800MHz
    GPU: AMD RADEON HD 3470 256 MB
    Note: I upgrade the hard drive, i removed the old Toshiba 320 GB and installed
    Samsung SSD 850 EVO 120 GB which made my system much faster:D
    Name of laptop: SONY VAIO VGN-FW 21E

    Now why my laptop lasted this long?
    I believe because i never put to much pressure on it.
    What i mean is that when i was playing games it was never for more than 2 hours and another thing is that i always try to
    have only what i need installed.
    Oh i forgot the most important, when the warranty expired i immediately uninstalled VISTA and installed W7:D


    Level 8
    that's great, I'm feeling determined that at least my current hp can last for 2-3 years if I use it with care, I play games not at all neither I'd played on dell nor on my hp but on dell I'd used it with less care because I already got my lcd damaged by someone dysh person -_-
    Thanks @tonibalas, it's pretty nice for daily use with ssd specially :)


    Level 8
    Maybe you should this person to pay for the damage;)
    As for the HP i also believe that if you are careful it can last for a couple of years:)
    hp seems durable while that one was my first one that's why as well, I'd forced them but my parents filled that damage instead of letting me force my room mate, as I'd purchased it from my own pocket money -_-


    Level 40
    @Rebsat Hi man right now i am using Cyberfox x64 Intel as my main browser with Adguard extension;):).
    As a second browser i am using IE 11 but just for little things and always i am deleting history when exiting;).
    As for Chromium based browsers i like Slimjet x64:) but i am not using it right now since i want to try other chromium browsers.


    Level 75
    @Rebsat Hi man right now i am using Cyberfox x64 Intel as my main browser with Adguard extension;):).
    As a second browser i am using IE 11 but just for little things and always i am deleting history when exiting;).
    As for Chromium based browsers i like Slimjet x64:) but i am not using it right now since i want to try other chromium browsers.
    I am using Cyberfox still because of you friend thanks. :D Oh and SlimJet as well. :)


    Level 6
    Thank you so much for sharing your great knowledge with us bro. I was wondering which Chromium based browsers have you tested yet? and which one will you use it the most? though what's the reason of not using Slimjet x64? :)
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    Level 40
    First of all i don't like Chromium browsers a lot because they are a bit heavy on my system.
    Mozilla based browsers are much lighter but on the other hand Firefox freezes that's why i am using Cyberfox;).
    Chromium based browsers i tested:
    Chrome: Didn't like it heavy on system especially when i had more than 2 pages opened.
    MxNitro( from Maxthon): Fast but heavy on system and no add-on support. I liked it for it's speed but it's still on early stages and needs more work to be better.
    Citrio: It has a lot of extras like an integrated download manager even for torrents downloads but come on 8 processes for a single page:eek:
    7 Star: Didn't gave it a spin because when installing Emsisoft AM behavioral blocker blocked some components as malicious so i didn't try it.
    Maybe it was a false positive because other members are using it and now that i have KAV installed maybe i will give it a try.
    Chromium: I gave a try it once, didn't like it but i want to try it once more since it's a simple browser, but with extensions;).
    Opera: Tried it and uninstalled it in 1 hour because i was frustrated with Flash Player problem:mad: and have tried for a while.
    Slimjet: Not to heavy on my system and almost as stable as Cyberfox;).For the the moment this the one i am suggesting from Chromium based browsers. It has support for Chrome extensions.
    I know i tested more but i don't remember them now.If i think of anyone else i will let you know.

    I want to add something. I am using mostly Mozilla based borwsers ( Cyberfox, PaleMoon, Waterfox)x64
    because they are more stable on my system.
    On other systems Chromium based browsers maybe they will perform better than Mozilla based browsers;)
    p.s.:paleMoon from version 26 will leave Mozilla Gecko engine


    Level 40
    Small update.
    I installed Disconnect extension to Cyberfox, so far seems good.

    Upgrade KAV from version 2015 to 2016 and i maximized the settings to see how it goes.
    KAV 2016 with max settings isn't heavy on system it just uses a little more RAM;):).
    Overall KAV is performing good so far but it slowing down my browsing by 1-2 sec which is nothing:).

    The feature i like in KAV is the Vulnerability scan. I like it because it doesn't scan for outdated drivers or software
    but it's scanning for problem on the OS which for me is more important.
    For example it found that Autorun is enabled and i should disabled it because malware can run without permision.
    I think this is a nice security touch ;).

    Also i am trying some Chromium browsers i will let know how it goes


    Level 40

    Uninstalled Kaspersky AV and Disconnect extension.
    Disconnect is a good extension but pages were opening a little slower so i removed it.

    Kaspersky AV is a good product i like it but my laptop is old and even with an SSD i noticed slow browsing:(.
    KAV gave me the impression that as days go by my pc seemed slower and slower.
    For new systems i recommend it;).

    Installed: F-Secure IS. I won a 1 year license on MT giveaway;).
    So far seems good not heavy on system. Right now it uses 90 MB of RAM. We will see how it goes:cool:.

    2 things i don't like so far at F-secure.
    1) To many processes i think it has 8 of them:eek:. I think they should something about that.
    KAV, EAM, ESET have only 2 processes and Comodo 4.

    2) I had to uninstall Shadow Defender first and then install F-s because there was an incompatibility issue:mad:.
    Oh come on at 2015 there are these issues among known programs? Of course the same problem has Trend Micro.
    At least i could install again SD;) after installing F-s.

    That's it for now:)


    Level 40
    Tried a few Chromium based browsers Opera, Cent, Slimjet, 7 Star, Yandex, Avant Ultimate and Avant( IE engine).

    All the above browsers on my system use a little more RAM than Cyberfox and a bit more CPU.
    Why is that because they have many processes with just one tab open:cool:.

    Opera has 8 processes with 1 tab open and it's not faster than Cyberfox.

    The rest of the browsers have less processes about 4 if i remember correctly
    but these browsers are not faster than Cyberfox ( on my system).

    In my surprise the Chromium browser that performed better on my system was Cent.
    After a while it drops it's RAM usage to Cyberfox level and it's speed is pretty good.
    Close to Cent was Slimjet which is one of my favorite browsers.

    To compare the browsers i had MT page open and Adguard extension installed the same i have in Cyberfox
    so the comparison as much possible the same for all browsers.

    About Avant browser.
    The Ultimate edition has 3 engines ( IE, Chromium enabled by default and Gecko).
    Even if you choose the gecko Firefox engine Chromium still runs in memory:cool: which something i don't want.

    Avant the simple edition i really liked it. About 80 MB of RAM and fast for an IE based browser.
    Downside of Avant is luck of extensions found in Chromium and Firefox based browsers.
    But as i said it's light on system and fast enough:).

    After trying these browsers i am thinking of installing Cent a second browser on my system;)

    I hope all of you will find these information's helpful :)