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Maybe they're fixin bugs? Today, i found(and another TM user too) one TM chrome toolbar bug. It refuses to install in some systems.
By using Get .CRX Chrome Extension file, it's source code and download .CRX to your computer. i managed to manually download the extension(.crx file from google chrome store), then zip it, then unpack it to a folder.
Now you have complete "source code" of that browser extension.

Then go to chrome extensions, enable developer mode(upper right corner), then click "load unpacked" (upper left corner), point it to a directory where you unpacked the extension. That way it gets installed...but with errors. Related to somethin about JQuery async errors.

TM Support immediately contacted me, that they do want to remotely contact my PC to gather logs. Sure, i allowed it.
Still waiting for a reply, what was the root cause of this problem and i'm sorry if i delayed the release of TM 2021 because of this "bug" :rolleyes:

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I had some delays of started programs and games. And you cannot tweak Trend Micro for
better performance or exclusions (just scan on execution for example). But i like their nice and clean GUI.
AV Comparatives tested Trend Micro too in their performance report and the results are not good over years.



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Yes, I have seen the AV Comparatives Performance test.
Before the 2020 edition there were some performance issues, the newer versions are much better.
I always evaluate performance on my day to day use and do not rely exclusively on the tests.
Get the trial and try before you buy. Every system is different and unique so you will not know before you install.


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Just wanted to share one interesting "feature" of TM. I wanted to test and install Softperfect RamDisk (trial).
I was aware that TM BB/AI does not like this, because SoftPerfect RamDisk might install some sort of "Kernel Mode" driver.
I was right, while installing the ramdisk, TM popped up "Suspicious activity" and terminated the installer.
But deep inside the TM settings, you'll find some interesting stuff, see picture below:


You can click "25 files folder" to see what files are created, prosesses etc.

As i know that SoftPerfect RamDisk is legit software, just run it again and TM will ask, "trust" or "Delete".

For a basic user, this "feature" is kinda useless. But interesting feature of TM nevertheless.

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TM Home 2021 product line is listed on their Download Center, but no downloads available yet.
I found a bug of their Toolbar couple of days ago and reported it. After three days, they releases "bug fixed" toolbar. Now it actually works.
Most important fer me is that they should improve banking protection and lightness of the software in all aspect(web, file copying, installing).
In Beta II, banking protection instantly opens a protected browser.

For example, is you type, it opens up a protected browser(not of its own, but duplicated what ur using). You can add any sites of yours protected by TM "Safe Pay". I dunno what it actually does in protection, does it do like F-Secure, where F-Secure in Banking mode disables any other background connections, which is kinda good, but if you're listenin spofitify and paying bills at the same times, spotify disconnects while banking and reconnects when banking done. Sure this can be configures via F-Secure settings, that "allow all background while banking".

The TM Beta 2 was way faster than 2020, i DO hope they do not f*ck things this time