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I just wanted to let everyone know on how i felt on Mcafee gamer Edition and perhaps it will help someone who is wondering about it,now this is my thought on
it. first i am the person who does not mind taking it for the team and installing it and trying it out myself.I uninstalled it faster then installing it did not even feel like a security suite it felt like iobit game booster now if you have a real older computer perhaps it might help but i really would not think so we all know upgrade your hardware. and on a newer computer with windows 10 no way you need this and for the price is insane. to me it just felt useless all video card manufactures Nvidia and amd do something like this all ready in the nvidia geforce and amd catalyst programs
it feels like Mcafee just put in thier stinger or discontinued cloud i do not know but i sure did not feel like this was going to protect my computer.Just my thoughts on Mcafee Gamer Edition



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Yeah, red colours and benchmarks/graphs on a performance software is usually snake oil. I just googled it and the website says nothing about security. All it talks about is performance, gaming, killing RAM consuming apps, literally zero about security.I wouldn't wannahear about a company that needs to make a whole separate product in order to do an intelligent task priority job. This is something every antivirus does without having to deliver extra products.


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Well, here is the link so you can see the asking price on the McAfee site. Nothing that Defender, Afterburner/RTSS and Windows Task Manager don't do for me already and without additional cost. Actually, I'm a little sad for McAfee to promote this kind of money-grabbing, redundant bloatware. Opera did the same with a "gaming browser," wonder how that's doing. I'd think dedicated gamers already know how to optimize, display stats and whatnot. Nothing new here except maybe a snazzy game-inspired user interface. I'll pass.


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Opera did the same with a "gaming browser," wonder how that's doing.
Considering it's still in the so called " Early Access " version and even manage to win the Red Dot design award along with over 1 million downloads, I would say it's doing pretty well.