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@Windows_Security I'm very far from being that lucky.
ISP in NL are constantly upgrading download speeds. First cable companies pushed Telco companies to use advanced compression techniques on copper wires, now fiber glass ISP's push cable networks to replace therr infrastructure with fibre optics and use (probably compression techniques also) to increase speed over the last coax cable bit.

I have a fibre glass connection, but can't use it for TV. In 2008I renovated my house and put in floor heating (water hoses are stored in concreet floor and becaus they are connected to central heating system, floor warms the house). I used the outer circuit to hide cables of my audio boxes and route tv cables and network cables and provide handy plugs to have flexible layout. Sadly the Cat6 network cable for TV (well the settop box) broke and due to bends it is impossibe to replace it.

In NL I can have 1000MB download speed over fibre for same monthly price as my current 200MB subscription with cable company.

Change: I added McFee extension to Edge - page to test McFee BROWSER-INFO
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