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Thanks for your answer but I'm afraid that you didn't understood my question.

My question is concerning @Windows_Security answer from this link : Discuss - uBlock Origin/Nano Adblocker - user tips, questions and issues thread and the attached screenshot with KEEP and REMOVE

And also the following :

"Now every time Chromium informs you that SCRIPTS are blocked on a website you want to visit:
1. Allow this website in site Chromium permissions
2. Allow this website in uB0 using the UB) control and add a DOMAINofWEBSITE.XXX * 3p-frame noop rule for that website



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Here's a great suggestion from Martin @ Ghacks when you encounter stubborn anti-adblock barriers on a website you visit :

How to block Blockadblock manually
1. Add the following script to your ad blocker. I used Ublock Origin (Dashboard > My Filters). It may work with other add-ons.
2.Replace the address "example.com" with the URL of the website which has Blockadblock on it.
3. Click on Apply changes.
Reload the page which you were trying to access. And it should work perfectly even when your ad blocker is fully functional. You have to do this for every website which has blockadblock enabled if it does not work correctly.

Many thanks to Martin for this and all the info his excellent website provides! (y)


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I'm trying these rules (in FireFox) but I don't think it works? (I don't see it switching from blocked to noop I mean)

* * 3p-script noop
* * 3p-frame block

com * 3p-frame noop
inf * 3p-frame noop
net * 3p-frame noop
nl * 3p-frame noop
org * 3p-frame noop
I'm I doing it wrong?