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1) Chromium version. I'm using Ungoogled Chromium (for Win 64-bit as in below link) and its version is 80.0.3987.149-2. It's reported correctly by UCheck but it shouldn't suggest an pending update available as it's not been released by Ungoogled Chromium yet. Likely it's applicable to Chromium browser users but forks of Chromium might not be applicable
Sounds like a false positive... How is it displayed in the "uninstall" list ? If it's called just "Chromium" that'll be hard to distinguish from the un-forked one...


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What are the advantages against SuMo ?

1. Ucheck free version lets you install software updates directly. This is available only in pro version of SUMo.
2. Ucheck has better GUI at least in my opinion and also lets you uninstall software from it's GUI. Not sure if it detects leftovers for cleaning, if not then this feature doesn't make a big difference.

3. Most importantly, both the developers are responsive, however at least from what I've seen in this thread, Tigzy from UCheck is more open minded to suggestions and feedback without locking horns with competitor software's.

I feel that this thread is becoming more of a UCheck vs SUMo discussion than posting critical feedback to the UCheck developer (who is the OP). We need to hold the discussion only for UCheck and limit SUMo discussion in it's corresponding thread.


Ucheck is getting better by the day and , however compared to SUMo it's software catalog is small (popular softwares) and doesn't detect portable versions of software's for update the last time I checked.
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