New Update Vivaldi 3.5 for Android introduces new privacy and usability features


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Aug 17, 2014
Source: Vivaldi 3.5 for Android introduces new privacy and usability features - gHacks Tech News

by Martin Brinkmann on December 03, 2020 in Internet - Last Update: December 03, 2020

Vivaldi 3.5 for Android is now available. The new stable version of the Vivaldi web browser for Android introduces new privacy and usability features among other changes.

The new mobile browser version is available already, but it may take some time before updates are pushed to user systems because of how updates are delivered via Google Play.

Privacy is one of the main areas of improvement in Vivaldi 3.5. The browser includes two new features related to privacy. The first enables users to disable the leaking of IP addresses when WebRTC is used, the second enables them to clear select types of data when the browser is closed.


Both of these options are found under Vivaldi Menu button > Settings > Privacy. The option "Broadcast IP for best WebRTC performance" is enabled by default; this is the default on most browsers, and users may tap on the toggle to turn it off.

The second feature can be accessed with a tap on "clear session browsing data on exit". A new page opens that displays a toggle to enable the feature, and to select some of the data types that are cleared if the feature is turned on. These are:
  • Browsing history -- this clears the list of visited sites and auto-completes in the address bar.
  • Cookies and site data -- clears all cookies and site data (including first-party).
  • Cached images and files -- clears these browser cache items to free up space.
  • Close open tabs -- closes all tabs open in Vivaldi to start with a blank tab.

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Oct 1, 2019
Thx trying it out on my phone, added quad9 as privat DNS Private DNS using Quad9 on Android 9 • Quad 9

Removed FF, so far Vivaldi has all I want from a browser, dark mode (also forcing websites), clear on exit and a ad-blocker (which I run with only Most common EU_US ABP >> TOP_EU_US_Ads_Trackers_ABP).

@security123 - would you please explain Kees1958 that his naming and version management is not how the text books advise it to do. (n)

How long are you guys keeping the names of the files the same this time? :(:(:(
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