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Aug 6, 2014
Wow i am loving this browser more and more and still in Beta. How good will the finished product be. :)
Outstanding! Also the speed with loading pages and the overall startup speed of the browser has easily doubled in this latest version. And they are improving it further they say. Still lots of work to do for the devs, but right now it's already very good.


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Aug 6, 2014
Snapshot 1.0.403.20

This snapshot only contains bugfixes and is a release candidate for beta 3.

  • Hibernating tabs and shortcut for opening new tabs instantly crashes the browser VB-13354
  • [Regression][Windows] No HTML5 proprietary media when hardware-acceleration is not available VB-12028
  • [Regression] A blank bookmark thumbnail shows in other tabs after vivaldi://bookmarks is opened VB-13606


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Apr 13, 2014
Has anyone tested version 3, yet? Does it feel any faster? I liked the format of Vivaldi, but it didn't run very well on my end.
I haven't tested it yet but make sure to only install and use Vivaldi 32-bit version since 64-bit version is still experimental and has a lot of bugs


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Oct 1, 2015
I installed Vivaldi a couple of days ago, the first impression was okay, until I noticed that every time I open a new tab, the focus moves to the new tab, which is supposed to open in the background! o_O
I looked it up on Vivaldi forum, and it seems to be a common complaint by Vivaldi users. Vivaldi Web Browser Community - Vivaldi Forum - New tabs in the background (1/1) A forum staff member suggested using "middle click" to open a new tab in the background! (I had no idea what middle-click meant, had to Google it:p).
It's a shame because I wanted to use Vivaldi as a secondary browser, but given my heavy browsing habits (30 or 40 tabs at the same time), this middle-click thing is a deal breaker for me:(

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I use Vivaldi 32 Bits Portable. It still has glitches but overall acceptable.
Internet Download Manager works fine but Video download i.e Download Bar doesn't appear in Vivaldi.

To open new tab in background you have to right click link & select open in background. Most browser open in background with the option open in new tab. So yes it gets annoying at times with Vivaldi as users have the habit of selecting open in new tab but with Vivaldi you have to click open in background.


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Aug 6, 2014
Snapshot 1.0.418.3 - Focusing on individual requirements, not statistics
Source: Vivaldi Web Browser Community - Snapshot 1.0.418.3 - Focusing on individual requirements, not statistics


  • We have added support for Ctrl, Shift and Middle click on bookmarks bar items
  • On Mac we have added pinch to Zoom
  • On Linux we fixed the problems with middle click pasting text selections in the URL field.
  • It is now possible to assign a keyboard shortcut to switch between light and dark themes
  • We have fixed several Fastforward and rewind issues
Complete changelog:
  • [Windows] Alt mouse gesture opens Vivaldi menu (VB-12667)
  • [Windows] Default browser setting broken on Windows 10 (VB-13743)
  • [Windows] The taskbar icon is missing on Windows 10 (VB-12963)
  • [Windows][Linux] Highlight on main menu bar missing when menu is open (VB-13292)
  • [Linux] Clipboard data appears in the address field when open bookmark by mouse wheel (VB-9095)
  • [Linux] Clipboard data inserted in address bar field when closing the tab by middle click (VB-10642)
  • [Linux] Middle-clicking a speed dial also paste in URL (VB-7810)
  • [Linux] "Third click" main menu bug (VB-13265)
  • [Mac] Implement OSX pinch two finger to zoom feature (VB-5369)
  • [Mac] Let Mac use ⌘ key instead of Ctrl key in bookmarks menus (VB-13601)
  • [Mac] Quit menu item is wrongly labelled (VB-13332)
  • [Regression] Selected state of Trash is wrong (light UI) (VB-13588)
  • Add a mapable keyboard shortcut to toggle between Light and Dark UI (VB-13693)
  • Add Feature to autocomplete on title in bookmarks (VB-11405)
  • Add Fast Forward and Rewind to Quick Command and keyboard shortcut list (VB-13304)
  • Anchor create item remains after turning off edit field in bookmark panel (VB-13890)
  • Autocomplete does not un-highlight in old tab and URL field in new tab is resetted (VB-13390)
  • Bookmark Bar URL drag-over spacing not cleared (VB-12783)
  • Bookmark folder appears as bookmark link when searching in Bookmarks panel (VB-3220)
  • Bookmark is slow with many bookmarks (VB-12767)
  • Bookmark panel edit mode stops working after "URL cannot be empty" message (VB-13120)
  • Can't middle click links inside a folder on the bookmarks bar to open in another tab (VB-4355)
  • Close tab menu item does not work (VB-13607)
  • Context menus will not open if an item title is missing (VB-13742)
  • Ctrl+Shift+V double-pastes: partial fix (VB-3177)
  • Custom search engines missing favicons (VB-13648)
  • Esc don't leave address bar (VB-4880)
  • Fast forward does not get activated on Google search results in language other than English (VB-4622)
  • Focus in search field in settings (VB-13072)
  • Left clicks on bookmarks in bookmark bar are ignored (VB-13634)
  • Loudspeaker symbol or favicon prevents clicking on close X with many tabs: more work needed (VB-8998)
  • Minimizing a Vivaldi window with multiple windows re-opens the window instantly (VB-13595)
  • Notes panel not keyboard accessible (VB-10240)
  • Page is not focused after paste and go (VB-13694)
  • Removed fast forward on internal pages (VB-13592)
  • Rewind lost on startup (VB-12301)
  • Settings page titles are inconsistent (VB-13590)
  • Shortcuts with non-letters not displayed in menus (VB-13212)
  • Show context menu per tab in a tab stack (VB-13110)
  • Tab text tooltips missing with thumbnails turned off (VB-10410)
  • Unable to load page after switching tabs (VB-13739)
  • Unicode doesn't work in urlfield (VB-13047)
  • URL input autocomplete & related fixes (VB-11083)
  • Vivaldi freezes when the setting tab tilled with any other page in tab stack (VB-11409)
  • When copying the URL from the address field, it will drop the protocol in some cases (VB-13836)
  • With many Speed Dial groups, History and Bookmarks buttons hidden in overflow (VB-13201)
  • Wrong Speed Dial Item context menu - Open in New Tab opens in Background tab (VB-9287)
  • Wrong URL in add panel dialog (VB-13688)


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Sep 26, 2014
I tried the latest snapshot and i think Vivaldi it's going to be a good browser.
I used the 64 bit version and it reminded me Opera 12 version.
I liked it but i think it still needs work.
I like that have implemented some things from the old Opera version like the zoom bar on the down right corner.
I am looking forward for the stable release


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Aug 6, 2014
Snapshot 1.0.422.8

  • Browser is very slow and very often dead bird shows up / HPET problems: This affected only certain OS and CPU combinations (VB-14036)
  • Active tab does not have a minimum size (VB-13832)
  • DuckDuckGo (d) and Bing (b) should show their own search suggest when actioned via the search letter/keyword
  • Clicking Speed Dial lacks modifier (Ctrl, Shift) support seen in the bookmark menu (VB-11458)
  • Need to fix tab stack selection and add Shift select
  • [Linux] Support mouse handling and context menu on empty part of tab bar when native decorations are on (VB-14031)
  • [Linux] [Windows] Vertical menu (Vivaldi menu) opens in Settings window (VB-14189)
  • Moved Search Suggest after Search
  • Netflix Streaming not working: due to Netflix blocking Vivaldi in User Agent (VB-13918)
  • Open and save dialogs can block and operate on wrong window (VB-14025)
  • [Regression] Text truncated ended with ellipsis when pasting to the URL field (VB-13206)
  • Shortcuts doesn't work on the view source page (VB-13417)
  • Tab styling changes, including selection styling
  • The bookmark title expansion in the address bar doesn't reset and leaves the title (VB-13917)
  • Tiling button states confused (VB-14191)
  • Weird bookmarks focus issue (VB-10374)
  • [Windows] Wrong color window controls on hover on Win10 (VB-14021)
  • [Regression] Spatial Navigation Shift+arrow up/down broken (VB-13625)
  • [Regression] Still focus problems in notes using the up/down-arrowkeys (VB-13516)
  • Autocomplete not working correctly in Speed Dial Drawer and Bookmark Editor (VB-13930)
  • Blank page on startup with internal page as homepage (VB-13695)
  • Bookmark drop zone highlight needed
  • Click to address field replace clipboard data by URL (VB-9519)
  • Grouping Tabs while Tab-Grouping is disabled results in tab-group with no select possibility (VB-13573)
  • Issue Report: Shift+F4 closes the browser (as if it was Alt+F4) (VB-4627)
  • New bookmark URL is not selected (VB-13632)
  • No title for bookmarks folders on the Bookmark panel when choosed "Icons only" (VB-7371)
  • Settings page titles are inconsistent (VB-13590)
  • Sorting bookmarks on Bookmarks Bar - Adding a context menu and setting (VB-9419)
  • Support for suggestions in urlfield omnidropdown (VB-13331)
  • Upgrade to Chromium 49.0.2623.91
  • URLs typed in address bar are not loaded sometimes (VB-13921)
  • When focus follow mouse, the window gets automatically activated (VB-11947)
  • Windows Installer Icons is ugly (VB-13983)
  • YouTube Video in sidebar identified as Android user agent with no build number won't play (VB-13647)
Download (1.0.422.8)


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Aug 6, 2014
More details see blogpost: Vivaldi Web Browser Community - Snapshot 1.0.425.3 - A new introduction to our browser


  • Set new Welcome page for first run (VB-13886)
  • [Regression] Offscreen thumbnails used by Speed Dial are never generated (VB-13085)
  • [Regression] New window opens always with web panel open (VB-13958)
  • [Regression] Not possible to add URL to speed dial without http:// (VB-13897)
  • [Regression] RMB+Wheel on SD trigger the context menu (VB-13699)
  • [Regression] Sometimes going to wrong URL while selecting item in omnidropdown via keyboad (VB-14235)
  • [Linux] Let settings window stay on top of browser window (VB-14232)
  • Some shortcuts don't work under Chinese/Korean and Cyrillic (VB-10624)
  • New blank tab when adding new login based site in Lastpass (VB-13709)
  • First character will repeat when use Chinese input to type in addressbar: Should be fixed but let us know (VB-11715)
  • Loudspeaker symbol or favicon prevents clicking on close X with many tabs (VB-8998)
  • The audio icon still plays when all tabs are hibernated. (VB-13082)
  • Add setting for opening bookmarks in new tab or current tab for panel, manager, bookmarks bar (VB-14218)
  • Bookmarks sorting should not mix folders with bookmarks (VB-9288)
  • Clean up Search Suggest setting styling (VB-14230)
  • Flickering while typing in Notes (VB-13498)
  • Missing exclude tab from tab stack action on a tab (VB-14299)
  • Missing space between auto inserted ellipsis and text in menus (VB-14309)
  • Speed Dial doesn't allow adding bookmarks (VB-10623)
  • Tabs Tiling button should be active also when no tabs are selected (VB-8803)
  • Trashed folders visible in address field's Add bookmark dialog (VB-12501)
  • UI element resizing not responding to touch (VB-14286)


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Aug 6, 2014
Snapshot 1.0.430.3
blogpost: Vivaldi Web Browser Community - Snapshot 1.0.430.3 - Mouse gestures for Fast Forward and Rewind

  • [Regression] Smooth scrolling is no longer user configurable (VB-13985)
  • Audio indicator on pinned tab too large (VB-14495)
  • Add mouse gestures for Fast Forward and Rewind: FFW = "Right, Up" / RWD = "Left, Down" (VB-5005)
  • Cannot unmap the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+W (VB-8793)
  • Cannot include a space when renaming on the bookmarks bar (VB-13636)
  • Plus (+) Button does not hide when there are 0 dials (VB-8204)
  • Page Up/Down doesn't work on adress field dropdown (VB-10788)
Download (1.0.430.3)
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