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The latest from Dan:

Hey Guys, here is the first version of what will eventually be VS 6.0. There were massive changes and optimizations under the hood in preparation for converting all of the code to C#, so there might be a small bug or two, if so please let me know. But overall it should be in great shape. The Mini Prompt and User Prompt are both movable now, the only thing that is not movable are the notifications, and since they are quite uncommon, we might want to keep them where they are, but we can go either way on this. The user prompt is movable by the title of the window, and the mini prompt has a move icon, since it does not have a title. Please let me know if you guys have any suggestions on how this is implemented, it will be super easy to change, but I think you guys will really like how it is already. Thank you guys!

VS 5.90 beta
SHA-256: 74fa69681eadb2a04b13213f514cbf66953b9d7966335e8990352a6b1da33291


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Dave Russo

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Hey guys, here is the latest beta, this should be the last beta version for a week or so. Once I finish the reworked Web Apps feature there will be another release, thank you!

VS 5.92 beta
SHA-256: 217e9ffd19e4c50300619e27e3ed3b77cc2790b8d38b3865724d3eac7f3bad0d
Thanks, upgrade from 5.90 went flawlessly,and I checked yesterday,said I had currant version so I am surprised you got this so soon


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The latest from Dan:

Hey Guys, VS 6.0 is almost ready, here is the latest. As you will see, there are quite a few changes, and tons of changes under the hood… a lot more than last time. I will be shocked if we do not have a couple of small bugs.

VT is no longer integrated into VS, but as you will see, VS works MUCH better with WLC. For now, the initial VoodooAi results are displayed while the WLC scan is running. Please let me know if you guys think we should keep this the way it is, or we can just wait until the WLC verdict is returned, then display the result. There is a link for a second opinion VT, and I actually kinda like it better because even though it opens in a web browser, you get to see all of the engines and the other file insight. We were not allowed to display the specific engines when using the API, although it would have been super simple to add. VT is still great and I appreciate everything they have done for us, and I knew they would be cutting us off sooner than later. It just would have been a lot more professional if they would have given me at least some notice. But like I was saying, we no longer have to worry about the samples with massive dwell times. The VT results that we see when a new sample is analyzed are pretty much a quick and dirty scan, so they are not always the most accurate. It is not until a few days or weeks later that some engine finds something malicious in a file, then other engines figure out the sample is malicious as well.

VS 5.98 beta
SHA-256: 196e72eea0667511a8de335b23bdd220244fc93bab99d06ae6707e8ed7d4f61b

I know I have a few emails and posts to catch up on… I will do that asap, but for now I really need to step away from the computer.

Thank you guys, have a great weekend!

BTW, the free version now has quite a few more features than it did before, and no nag screen ;).