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Apr 30, 2020
Any opinions about it? Is safe to use? Are there some bugs? Isolation work properly, or there was/are some failures reported? Thk u

P.S. I am sorry if i write in this section but i cant write in voodooshield thread. I am not a verified member.
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From VoodooShield
May 31, 2017
Yeah, VS also has a local sandbox but it is not our best developed feature, mainly because I am not a huge fan of sandboxing for a lot of different reasons, and really most users just ignore them. If you are a huge fan of sandboxing then Comodo, Sandboxie and Shade are some great options.

The cuckoo sandbox in VS is great if you want detailed info about a file. The local sandbox in VS only works on files that are not installers, and like a lot of sandboxes, does not work with every file. But like I was saying, most users just ignore the VS sandboxes.