What is , in your opinion, best extension for you browser that keep your privacy secured?

  • DoNotTrackMe (Abine)

    Votes: 3 4.9%
  • Ghostery

    Votes: 8 13.1%
  • Disconnect

    Votes: 3 4.9%
  • Click&Clean (HotCleaner)

    Votes: 1 1.6%
  • AdBlockPlus

    Votes: 31 50.8%
  • Other (please specify)

    Votes: 15 24.6%
  • Total voters
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When I worked with Chrome i choose Ad Block plus, Ghostery and Donottrackme and the last extention have another function names Maskme who protect my email account.
Know i choose Maxthon and everyday i learn your operation and Maxthon´it´s much more than a custom browser.


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All browsers can clear their own browsing history, temp files and cookies. The modern browsers have InPrivate/Incognito mode to prevent saved browsing habits (local only). HotCleaners' C&C is a copy of built-in browser features, not used extensively to test all it's features.

Abine (DNTMe) and Disconnect.me both have a good reputation, as far as I know. The rest are possibly questionable in someway, as I explain below.
- AdBlock Plus has an optional white-list of it's own trusted sites. Using a fork-of or another AdBlock extension is advised for better control of your privacy.
- Ghostery (the online privacy addon) has the optional GhostRank (Evidon - Online Marketing, Web Analytics)

Others have mentioned:
- Bitdefender TrafficLight, by default anonymous usage reports are switched ON.
- Avast Online Security, by default anonymous usage reports are switched ON (aka CommunityIQ), and optionally SafePrice where you 'receive shopping recommendations on relevant sites', this setting is partially checked by default without avast AV being installed.

IMO, less extensions = better control of privacy, I recommend regarding guides for social networking security and privacy, because that is one less extension required to manage your online profiles. And if you can be bothered review (or check for any controversy) regarding it's Privacy Policy.

I have DNT browser settings enabled for all browsers (even if it's useless / ignored), and use Adblock (Chrome), AdBlock Edge (Firefox) and no extensions installed for IE11.


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Adblockplus best for me.Beginning i used ghostery and Abine but they were not that effective compared to Adblockplus.From then on i never tried again though abine i tried it was not upto mark in blocking ads.
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I <clicked> other since on Firefox I use Noscript with both AdBlockPlus & Ghostery (for which I must o_Ore-check "select all" regularly) all wrapped up in a containment litter box called Sandboxie that gets deleted every session.:cool:


I have to agree with Cats above me, as i personally view Noscript to be the best security/privacy extension i have ever used.
Combine it with Request Policy, and you have a set of powerful tools on your hands.
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In my opinion (ABP - HttpsEverywhere - Ghostery) represent the best compromise to improve privacy for "medium knowledge" users

Bitdefender TrafficLight as an optional to increase security :)
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I like Disconnect, good tracker blocking, and forces websites to use https. And they claim to not collect user data.
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