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Others include

1) Mullvad VPN
2) AirVPN
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From the above ExpressVPN is the easiest to set-up, I think - PerfectPrivacy is excellent but not the most simplistic interface - I have issues with Mulvad as it despite all blocks some parts of my network, but easy to set-up & may be great for you - AIRVPN is first class but slightly more complicated to set-up than Express - Windscribe pretty good too.
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I would recommend you to check out several options as every VPN service is different and it mainly depends on what you need it for. A good article on VPN can be found by this link. Just read brief info on every service and make your own decision. From my experience, it might be worth using several VPN services for different tasks.


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I am very cautious about VPNs since they can be just as bad as your ISP. But it’s worse since they pretend they are protecting you. I use IVPN and Windscribe (on occasion). Both seem more transparent than most and have good business practices. I’m not a fan of the childish antics of Windscribe’s public relations, but they have done good by me in terms of business practices when I had issues. Honestly most of the time for public WiFi safety I use a VPS installed VPN (still testing it out). I like the idea of controlling both ends of the vpn and am not looking for anonymity. I mostly use a VPN for WiFi security, and sometimes geolocation for streaming. It wasn’t really designed for much else.
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