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Does anyone know any VPNs that currently work with BBC iPlayer ?

Windscribe have a service called 'Winflix UK' which is supposed to enable iplayer access. But it doesn't work !

All other VPNs I have tried are also blocked.
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I personally use NordVPN and have zero issues. Most of the times it works and if servers get flagged by the BBC, I just contact the support to help and they give me a set of the working ones.


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For anyone still looking into VPNs and the BBC iPlayer (with the new season of Top Gear out and all ;)) it sounds like many VPNs should work, just not necessarily on the first try. I was googling for a solution after running into this problem and found this writeup: BBC iPlayer VPN Not Working? A Simple Workaround Can Unblock It (hope it’s OK to post a link to it… apologies if not). All you need to do if your VPN is being detected is disconnect and reconnect a few times to find a server IP that hasn’t yet been blocked.

The guy who wrote that is using CyberGhost. Can’t comment on it since I don’t use them, but connecting and reconnecting works pretty well for me with IBVPN so there’s definitely some truth to it. I’m assuming it should work with other VPNs too. Definitely worth trying before spending money on a new subscription though.
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