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Thank you, I mainly need to find my first post for the giveaway's
Is it possible to add a link to find all posts from a member?
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Hello, How do I find all of my posts?



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There is a known bug that only shows some posts by members before forum upgrade, over half of my posts are not shown.

Thanks. :D
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Hi, Jack yes it is,...more tight..especially time remain to logged in..but it's OK..
we all cares Don't Worry.


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'DRAFT SAVED' - is the BEST feature!
Thank you very much for it!

- used many times, eg when the browser crashed ..

Then: thank you for already adding the EDIT possibility on ancient posts (to activate the links - of the ancient forum software ..)! Very useful too!
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It would be nice if you would also allow HTML posting. For example, up today isn't allowed image size, float left or right, etc..


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No - this is not the right reason. The reason is something else.
You probably do not know that using xenForo, it is quite difficult to allow.
If to use vBulletin or IP-Board, it's much more simple.
I think Huracan offered a very valid reason as to why you do not allow HTML posting.Those things you mentioned(BBcodes) are allowed and are all available.
We are using Xenforo,it would be safe to assume that Jack is not going to switch to VB or IPB because it is simpler to implement the use of HTML posting.Especially when everything you need to post here is already included.
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If I want to post HTML, I do it like this:

<html><head><script>function x() { alert("Hello") }</script></head><body onload="x()"><b>Hey</b></body></html>

If I want to do some remote XSS I might do something like this:


.. What.. No message box? Damn it Jack! How dare you not allow me to hack MalwareTips by letting us use HTML tags in our posts!
Why can't we have an admin who doesn't give a damn about security and let's us all do what we want....

^ Ps. I was being sarcastic, Jack's a great (and responsible) admin, hence the site hasn't been hacked (to my knowledge).
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